YK11 SARM: Get Big with this Muscle-building Supplement

YK11 SARM: Get Big with this Muscle-building Supplement

The history of YK11

If you’re in the market for a super-SARM that is guaranteed to unlock the full potential of your workout, while achieving as many gains as possible with little to no side effects, then YK 11 is the perfect supplement for you. It is known as one of the top SARM products on the market out there today and is used throughout the entire industry.

YK 11 works just like a steroid and is based on the DHT hormone that naturally occurs in the human body. DHT (or 5-α-dihydrotestosterone) is a strong form of testosterone that is absorbed by androgen receptors in various parts of the body. These parts include your sex organs, liver, you’re here, and your prostate.

The reason why YK 11 is so popular amongst bodybuilders is that allows users to build muscle very quickly the same way a lot of other SARM products do. So, while YK11 is considered a SARM, it has more in common with typical steroids. It works by increasing a certain muscle-building protein called follistatin. This protein is essential in helping improve muscle mass and strength.

Other research conducted on YK11 found that it also helps improve bone health. It’s not just muscle proteins, but also bone proteins as well. Most of the bodybuilders who use YK11 report great results in the gym, including additional fat loss. With that being said, there are no reports of any human or animal research studies to find out whether the supplement is safe to use.

How Does It Work?

When we’re going through puberty, DHT is one of the main hormones that’s making its way through your body. It’s essential in allowing hair to grow and allowing a child to develop into a fully grown adult. It’s what builds muscle and is needed for prostate health. As we get older, there’s less DHT in our system which allows our muscles to start falling apart.

Follistatin is another byproduct of YK 11. Follistatin, as mentioned earlier, is a protein that helps muscles grow by suppressing another hormone called myostatin. Myostatin prevents muscle growth, so if you take a supplement like YK 11 that suppresses that hormone, it allows you to have bigger gains while working out. There’s nothing left to suppress that muscle growth.

Instead, it allows the DHT and follistatin to take effect by promoting lots of intense muscle growth, lower recovery time, and provide you with the type of muscles you always dreamed of having. This is a major benefit that YK 11 has that you won’t find with other SARMs. No other SARM product has been showing to prevent myostatin like YK 11.

Because of its similarity to DHT, it works, in the same way, to help increase bone growth. The protein kinase B (or PKB for shore), activate certain signals that increase the cells that help build bones and makes them stronger. This is why YK 11 is used not just for helping bodybuilders, but also for people suffering from muscle wasting diseases and osteoporosis.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of YK11:

1) Will Improve Muscle Size and Strength

This is the ultimate goal behind why you work out. You want muscle strength and definition. So, while YK11 is only technically a SARM in name, it acts exactly like a steroid. It boosts the follistatin levels and suppresses myostatin, which works to prevent muscle overgrowth. While we can only technically say that it has a “strong potential”, there’s a reason why this is one of the most popular SARMs on the market today.

We’re going mostly by anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders who say that it works great at increasing the size of their muscles. Most of the users YK11 say that they add as much is 15 pounds with a muscle and lost quite a bit of body fat during a single use cycle. That’s an incredible claim that is backed up with other statements from other users of the supplement.

2) Can Strengthen Your Bones

If you want the ability to work out and lift up a lot of heavyweights, you need to have strong, healthy bones. YK11 excels at binding androgen receptors in specific bone tissue which will help to give strength and support to your bones. It’s very similar to steroids in this way as it increases the amount of protein kinase B in bone and muscle cells.

So, if you’re worried about fractures and keeping your bones nice and healthy, YK 11 might be the right supplement to use with your workouts. Most other SARMs impact the same androgen receptors, she really can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing the right product. YK 11 does it a bit more efficiently as its chemically structured much like steroids.


While there aren’t too many studies on the impact of YK11 on humans, most of the reports are fairly positive. Most report a lot of great muscle mass improvement in as little as a week of using. Some report no side effects at all from using this product. Some have reported a little bit of testosterone suppression, but it’s extremely difficult to tell whether it was the YK 11 causing them or any other factors, such as their dose, diet, and overall health.

Even though YK 11 seems perfectly fine, many people prefer taking other SARMs that are backed up by research and are clinically deemed safe to use. If you other users said that they started to feel some joint pain after using YK 11, but again is difficult to determine whether the supplement caused the pain. If you’re unsure, there’s no problem going with any other type of SARM. But if you’re looking for a super product, then you can’t go wrong with YK 11.

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