Turinabol Anabolic Steroid: What you should know

Turinabol Anabolic Steroid: What you should know

The medical history of Turinabol

Turinabol or Tbol was first clinically tested in 1965 so that it could be used as a cure for wasting diseases where patients are losing strength and bone mass. The performance-enhancing aspects of the drug were immediately noted and led to an elevated use in the athletic circle.

This drug is an oral steroid that isn’t like other androgenic anabolic steroids that require injection. It was developed first by Jenapharm with the pharmaceutical company patenting the steroid in 1961 in East Germany. Albert Stachowiak, a known chemist, combined the use of 4 clostebol with methandienone in order to make this unique steroid that did not require any injection and was able to disassociate the anabolic and androgenic effects when taken orally.

Because of its bioavailability, the steroid is hugely popular with athletes, bodybuilders, and those who are fitness enthusiasts. The use has become vast in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. There is a multitude of bodybuilders who are noncompeting and fitness enthusiasts throughout various countries around the world opting for this steroid. When they were first introduced to this crowd back in the 60s, athletes were unaware of what they were being offered or what they were being asked to consume. They were told that these supplements were vitamins.

Turinabol saw a phase-out in the nineties due to the stigma attached to steroid use. It was not taken off of the shelves due to any type of health risks. Today it is considered as being used as a supplement and not a drug. The medicinal purposes for the drug were ended in the 80s.


If you want to bulk or gain mass and size, Turinabol isn’t the right steroid for you. This compound is more if you are looking for a definition of your body with it being both harder and dryer. It works in various different ways as far as losing fat is concerned. Turinabol is a derivative of Dianabol and performs by assisting to enhance oxidation of fat as well as speed up your metabolism in the process. This supplement helps to increase your energy levels by having the body convert the fat into fuel in order to perform a variety of different physiologies meaning even during rest there are calories being burned. It elevates your energy level in order to get you through tough workouts and allows you to perform at your peak.

Nitrogen levels are boosted which promotes nitrogen retention of cells inside the muscles which encourages fast repair of the muscle post-workout and faster recovery time.

Turinabol does not aromatize and offers a low androgenic rate of 6 making it a very appealing alternative to bodybuilders who want to take something that will give them more moderate gains.

Side Effects

Another benefit of Turinabol is the fact that there are very few adverse side effects associated with it. It won’t aromatize and transform into estrogen so any type of acne, fat gain, or man boobs are unlikely. And women athletes are a fan because there is no virilization effects associated with Turinabol meaning masculine qualities will not be an issue. While there are few, there are some side effects.

Painful pumps. Many users have come with painful muscle pumps with their training. With muscle pumps the muscle look defined and full. But with Turinabol, these are severe particularly with the lower back which has the potential to hinder lifting performance. Oily skin. A vast array of individuals have experienced greasy, oily skin with this drug.

Hepatotoxic. This is an oral steroid and oral steroids tend to be the most powerful in a lot of variances as they promote liver toxicity because they get to the liver faster and the liver works as a type of filtration which over time causes it to become worn and damaged.

Other possible side effects to taking note of include:

  • A reduction in good cholesterol.
  • An increase in bad cholesterol.
  • Possibility of hair loss.
  • Testosterone production is suppressed.
  • Mild cases of acne.
  • Body hair increase.
  • Mood swings and irritability.
  • Possible digestive disorders.


There are a number of factors that will determine how you should take your Turinabol cycle. A really basic guide that can be considered on average for mild improvements to the body and enhanced athleticism, without any type of stacking or combinations, just using Turinabol, is effective if you combine it with the proper wholesome diet and exercise regimen. You would cycle for 8 weeks at 60mg each day with PCT following for three weeks. Turinabol’s half-life is just 8 hours with the active life 16 hours and it can be detected in the system upwards of 6 weeks.

Following Turinabol’s cycle, you want to do a course of PCT as is typical with any type of anabolic steroids. Turinabol is pretty mild and Nolvadex is considered sufficient for PCT. With the first two weeks of PCT, you will do a 40mg of Nolvadex each day. After that period of time, you’ll decrease to 20mg per day for the last two weeks. You’ll begin your PCT that day after the last tablet of Turinabol has been taken. This gives your body the opportunity to get back to normal and allows the liver the opportunity to recuperate from the stress of the steroid. PCT will cleanse the toxins out of your body and will counter the oxidative stress effects as well as the free radicals.

For women, the dosage of Turinabol is much lower at approximately 5 mg each day with not more than 10 mg at one time.


Turinabol is possibly the weakest of the steroids that are available on the market; however, you need to remember that it is an anabolic androgenic steroid which will carry risks with it. Today it is only possible to obtain the true version of Turinabol on the black market. That makes it important to do research and buy from someone you know who is reputable. This way you know that you are getting an original product that will be effective for the benefits that you are looking for with no unusual adverse health effects.