Trenavar: What you should know about this prohormone

Trenavar: What you should know about this prohormone

Trenavar Review

One of the most popular prohormones used in bodybuilding and weightlifting is Trenavar. It has gained popularity due to its ability to help increase muscle growth, promote fat loss, and strengthen all of your gains. Bodybuilders and weightlifters are always looking for an advantage to increase their muscle gains and Trenavar is one way they can do that. This supplement is known for its fast-acting results during a very short cycle duration. Even though the benefits are large, the side effects are very concerning and should be acknowledged before using the supplement.

Medical History

Despite what people believe, Trenavar is not an anabolic steroid. It is a prohormone supplement that was widely available over the counter at one point but is now not for sale. There was a wide ban in 2015 of prohormones but is still legal in many other countries, including the United Kingdom. 

Even though it is not considered a steroid, when acting as a prohormone it changes into asteroid once it passes through the liver. While in the liver, Trenavar transfers into Trenbolone, which is a steroid. This happens as a result of the 17-ketone being hydrolyzed in the liver. As a result, the effects have been immense. Results show that it is up to ten times more androgenic than testosterone, which is why people see a spike in muscle mass, growth hormones, and strength.

Benefits of Trenavar

Trenavar, despite the many side effects, comes with a lot of positive energy. People have used it as both a bulking and cutting supplement, which is hard to find a supplement that helps with both muscular goals. It has a powerful ability to curb low water retention thus allowing your body to promote muscle growth. 

Lean Muscle Gain

Many studies have backed the positive muscle gain effects that Trenavar is able to produce. The gains in lean muscle tissue are promoted without the bloated look that comes with bodybuilders who retain water retention. This is the main reason why many bodybuilders will turn to the supplement in the height of bulking seasons

High Conversion Rate

Out of all the prohormones on the market, Trenavar has one of the highest conversion rates. As a result of its high conversion rates, bodybuilders are seeing maximum results. People are leery of the fact that Trenavar is so similar to Trenbolone. The supplement is set up so that only one ketone needs to be changed during the conversion process, which gives bodybuilders the effects that Trenbolone would give them.

Androgenic and Anabolic

Trenbolone, the steroid compound that Trenavar is changed into, rates at 500 for muscle building compared to testosterone’s ranking of 100. This happens because Trenbolone is an androgenic and anabolic compound that really focuses on pushing higher levels of testosterone and muscle growth. The supplement’s ability to focus on these two areas is a major reason why bodybuilders find the supplement helpful.

Side Effects of Trenavar

As with any supplements that have a steroid-like effect, side effects are bound to be a concern. Reviews by bodybuilders are all similar. They are very pleased with the muscle gains that they see, but all of them experience the side effects. It is also a concern for many bodybuilders that they will lose all of their gains once they stop taking Trenavar. This is a true statement and one to be concerned about because taking Trenavar for an extended period of time can be dangerous to your health. 

Blood Pressure

This is a common side effect amongst all prohormones, anabolic steroids, and testosterone injections. Blood pressure may be increased during as well as after the cycle. The issues with having high blood pressure is well known around the world. If you suffer from high blood pressure or have family members who do, it would be best to stay clear of Trenavar.

Hair Loss

As the levels of testosterone increase in your body, a large percentage of that testosterone is going to be converted into a derivative called dihydrotestosterone. This has been linked as a cause of male pattern baldness. It is known to promote hair loss in both men and women. People who have a family history of hair loss noticed this side effect the most. People who were in the early stages of losing their hair noticed an increase once they begin the cycle.

Hormone Levels

The biggest complaint that bodybuilders have had with Trenavar is how testosterone levels are spiked while hormones are luteinized. As a result of this, the body becomes dependent on the prohormone to keep these levels high. As one would expect, once people stop taking the supplement, these levels crash. If you don’t have a post-cycle therapy supplement, major complications could result in your hormones. This could result in low testosterone, high estrogen, gain in weight, loss of muscle, and major mood swings.

Liver Health

Since the liver is where most of the action takes place, it is at risk. Trenavar is converted into Trenbolone in the liver. This is also where the metabolic waste from the compound is neutralized and released. This could lead to a spike in hepatotoxicity, especially if you put your body through several cycles. The liver is a major organ in our body and should be handled with care.


Trenavar is usually taken during a four-week cycle. It should not be taken any longer than that due to the major side effects discussed above. People who have used Trenavar in the past have suggested taking a little cycle break for a few days after completing week two.

Dosage numbers fall between 30mg and 40mg per day. This is split between the morning and evening. Beginners should take 10mg in the morning and 10mg at night. More experienced users can take 20mg in the morning and 20mg at night. Beginners can increase the dosage to 15mg after a couple of weeks.

Once the four-week cycle is completed, a post-cycle therapy supplement is required. This will help to make sure that your body doesn’t suddenly crash after the four-week cycle.


Overall, people should look at Trenavar with a lot of caution. There is no denying the positive muscle-building reputation that it has. However, high blood pressure, hair loss, hormone crashing, and poor liver health are serious side effects that could make it very difficult to recover from.

There are other supplements out there with more natural ingredients that are safer than Trenavar. If you happen to take Trenavar and notice any of the side effects starting to take effect, stop taking immediately.