The Best SARMs for weight loss To Take

The Best SARMs for weight loss To Take

What are the Best SARMs for weight loss?

You desperately want to cut weight but don’t know where to start. You have heard about all kinds of ways of doing it, but it’s not all good news. From scammers to bogus products to health hazards, the list of horrible you run into just goes on and on.

You have also been told that steroids are fascinating because they give you amazing results quite fast. But you still get shudders from what you have also heard about the nasty side effects they bring, from gynecomastia (men’s boobs) to liver damage to renal (kidney) failure.

So what else besides steroids should you try? Or should you just give up (and stay fat? )

Not too fast. Many people these days are swearing by a class of nifty molecules called SARMs. They are versatile, very powerful, and best of all, have very few side effects compared to steroids. But new SARMs keep getting invented, and their numbers are swelling by the day. How are you to know which one suits you?  Moreover, different SARMs do different things better than others. Which are the best SARMs for weight loss?

In this article, I help you answer these questions and determine the top 3 of the best SARMs for weight loss.

But wait, what are SARMs?

SARMs is the short version for Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators. Researchers started cranking out these molecules out of the laboratories in the 1940s. They were hunting for something to treat or prevent muscle waste or atrophy.

First out of the bag was Andarine with scores of others following over the years.  SARMs soon stole the spotlight from steroids, whose career was fading from all the bad press about the health dangers they posed and bans from the government and sporting authorities.  The attraction of SARMS was what they did in the body which steroids couldn’t do. Steroids do all their impressive stuff everywhere in the body even where you don’t want them.

They can get you bulging beautiful muscles, strong, sturdy bones, incredible strength, and stamina. But they can also unleash deadly liver damage, prostate enlargement and cancer and loads of other miseries.  Consider yourself lucky if you survive long enough to enjoy any of the goodies steroids will give you. All this sounds like a poor bargain, right?

SARMs breaks new ground here because it goes looking for selected parts of your body while leaving the rest alone. They will typically take aim of just your muscles and bone, which is just perfect for you as a fitness person or bodybuilder.

SARMs will stimulate bone or muscle cell receptors, telling them to grow more muscle or increase bone density.

But get this: SARMs doesn’t get you results as quickly as steroids. But anything to safeguard your health is surely more welcome.

So what are the best SARMS for weight loss? The best SARMS for weight loss are the following for which I give three top performers.

#1. Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

This SARMs would top my list of the best SARMs for weight loss. It’s the brainchild of Ligand Pharmaceuticals who wanted something that could help people hold on to their lean muscle even as they rid themselves of fat. Ligandrol is one of the most studied SARMs with impressive research to back it up. Because of this, it’s safety record is well known to be good so most users should use it without doubts over safety.


Other than helping you reduce fat, Ligandrol will also deliver you these benefits

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Injury repair
  • Faster recovery
  • Addition of strength
  • Pdevd9of injury


Ligandrol is taken orally, which makes it superb for many people who find syringes and injections uncomfortable. It has a half-life of 24 hours, which in simple terms means that one single dose is all you will need each day. You will need between 3 mg and 5 mg each day taken over a period of 8 weeks to reduce your weight.

Side effects

Like most SARMs, Ligandrol doesn’t come with much side effects. However, there are a few minor side effects which are easily manageable. These include headaches and excess hair growth. It may also give you fatigue if you are a first time user. With increased use, however, this fatigue will disappear since Ligandrol boosts strength.

Ligandrol can be stacked with other SARMs including Cardarine or Andarine to improve results significantly. Using  Ligandrol, along with a healthy diet and workout plan, should get your weight problem solved.

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#2. Cardarine (GW 501516)

Thanks to research work, this chemical popped into existence in the 1990s. It was found to have wide-ranging health benefits for the body. It can do two remarkable things which are a big bonus for your cardiovascular health: cut down your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL). Cardarine, like Ligandrol, can steeply cut your weight in addition to adding strength.

How it works

Cardarine has a very different mode of action compared with Ligandrol. That is because it is not a SARMs, contrary to widely held beliefs among many users to whom it has been marketed as such. This doesn’t make it any less useful than the other SARMs it has been classified with.  While SARMs bind to androgenic receptors, Cardarine differs by binding to PPAR receptors.

What makes Cardarine potent for weight loss is its action of blocking the formation of fatty acid chains. This makes the body to stop storing fats. The body is then driven to burn fat stores, in precisely the same way that happens when you are fasting or starving. Usually, starvation leads not only to fat loss but also muscle waste. However, Cardarine can make you lose fat and still keep your muscle gains, making this ideal for fitness people.

Side effects

Cancer has been noticed as a side effect in animals which were given the compound. This has raised fears that people who used it would also get cancer. Those fears have been swept aside by reassurances by both the National Institute of Health and the American Association of Cancer Research that Cardarine does not cause cancer.


The recommended Ligandrol dosage is 20 mg per day. This should be carried on for 8 weeks, but users should first take baby steps and start with smaller doses. This is aimed at getting maximum results by first conditioning your body to adjust.

To take smaller doses, you can divide the daily dosage of 20 mg into two parts of 10 mg each so that you can take them separately with a 10-hour interval between the first and second.

Whether you use it as part of a stack or singly, Cardarine can give fantastic results in your weight loss goals. You can stack it with Ligandrol.

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Ostarine (MK 2866)

This SARM, produced and studied by Gtx Laboratories, is a favorite of many bodybuilders because it can help you get rid of fat quite quickly and effectively. It is perfect even if you are on a caloric deficit because it helps you not only to cut weight but also to retain lean muscle. This is a big plus for those on a diet who don’t want to lose their lean muscle.

Ostarine also revs up your metabolism rates, which burns fat. It is ideal for women too since it does not trigger virilization issues like facial hair or deepening voice.  Ostarine is also a good choice for those who want a decomposition of their bodies (where you simultaneously cut down fat while also building muscle mass)


Men on a cutting or bulking cycle are recommended to take 25 mg per day of Ostarine. Women should go for a lower dose of 10 mg per day. The half-life of this SARM is 24 hours, which means one only needs to take it once a day.

If you want a body recomposition, you can take a dose of between 12.5 mg and 25 mg per day. This can be taken on a 4 to 8 weeks cycle. An Ostarine cycle would go for 12 weeks.  Ostarine can be stacked with Andarine to get even more excellent results.

Side effects

  • You might experience some slight suppression, but it’s not too severe to need intense PCT.
  • You may also get temporary or mild side effects like nausea, headache, tiredness, and back pain.
  • Others get acne episodes
  • High doses could lead to menstrual instability in women
  • It can also interfere with your sleep quality

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With the availability of SARMS, fitness, and weight loss goals have never been easier to attain. SARMs have introduced safer ways of controlling weight compared with other options like steroids and prohormones, which carry significant risks to one’s health.

The challenge remains that finding genuine SARMs for buyers is difficult in a market that is full of products that falsely claim to be SARMs products. This became clear in a 2017 study by the FDA, where it found that most of the SARMs supplements in the market are not SARMs at all.

SARMs remains a banned product for human or personal use, but companies and institutions can legally buy them for research purposes. This ongoing research, as well as reports from users, continue to show benefits users can get from SARMs.