The 3 Best Kratom Vendors in the USA Reviewed

The 3 Best Kratom Vendors in the USA Reviewed

A brief intro to the Best Kratom Vendors

Kratom has been getting extremely popular in the western world. More people are learning of the incredible benefits of this remarkable herb. In case you don’t know, the best and recommended Kratom comes from Southeast Asia. This means that to get the best possible experience, you must consume Kratom that’s coming from this region. Herein, lies one of the biggest challenges that Kratom users have to deal with. As the popularity and demand for the herb rises, the number of vendors keeps going up as well. Sadly, not all of these vendors have your best interests at heart. Some of them will never commit themselves to source their Kratom from Asia, and this essentially means that you could be taking substandard Kratom. The worst part? Quality is everything when we’re dealing with Kratom. A substandard Kratom powder will not just make it impossible for you to see the desired results, but you also risk experiencing adverse reactions which can escalate to medical complications.

So, how exactly are you supposed to tell the best Kratom suppliers from all the dozens of options available? Here is how.

How to Select the Best Kratom Vendors?


Quality of the Kratom has to be your highest priority when shopping for the herb. If you are not going to be getting the highest possible quality, then there’s really no point to use it in the first place. So, how are you going to determine the quality of a vendor’s products? The truth is that it is tough to do so until you’ve actually used the product. However, you can try and check out some strategies that the supplier has used for quality assurance. Look out whether their batches are tested for any contaminants. Investigate if their labs and facilities are GMP certified. Do they do quality tests for their facilities to prevent contaminations? Do they practice third-party testing? Can they actually give you a copy of their test results, or are they published on their website? The best vendor will always have this information on their website to make sure that you don’t doubt or question their products.

Source of the Kratom

As we said, the best Kratom comes from Southeast Asia. Make sure that your supplier gets their stock from this region. You must also investigate to see how fresh their Kratom is. Ideally, Kratom should be imported and sold as soon as possible. The longer the herb sits in the warehouses, the more it loses its potency. A supplier with high turnover is, therefore, a better option.

User Satisfaction

The best Kratom vendors will always have sufficient user reviews backing their potency and overall user experience. By going through the user reviews from multiple platforms, you should get an idea of what you can expect from the supplier in question. This is an excellent way of identifying problematic suppliers.


At some point, you’ll have to consider how much you are spending on your Kratom. While it is a good idea to save a few dollars here and there, I’d urge you to stay vigilant because the best Kratom is never the cheapest. If you think about it, it’s better to spend a bit more instead of compromising on quality to save cash.

Money-back guarantee

A vendor that is entirely behind their products will always have a hassle-free money-back guarantee in place. That’s because they are confident about their sources, packaging, and products in general. This guarantee should also give you extra protection as a buyer should there be a problem with your order.

Other than the above factors, you may also want to look at the shipping policies and other additional perks you get from the supplier. The best vendors are always keen to ship orders as soon as the same day they are placed. You can also look out for additional perks such as reward programs and coupons that can help you save cash down the road.

Top 3 Kratom Vendors

Based on the above criteria, we came up with the following highly recommended Kratom suppliers:

  1. PurKratom

You can search for PurKratom on different Kratom forums, and you’re guaranteed to see a good number of users discussing the supplier. This Florida-based vendor stocks some of the best Kratom powder and capsules in the market. Quality is never compromised here with each of their batches going through thorough tests of detecting contaminants and alkaloid content. This makes sure that the products put up for sale are both potent and safe for human consumption. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there is such a massive number of satisfied customers behind the supplier.

Quality aside, PurKratom also flourish when it comes to product selection. They have an excess of 20 different Kratoms trains in their shelves. Getting all your desired strains should be very easy here. The user-friendly website further boosts this.

All orders placed before 3 PM EST are shipped on the same day, and that’s not even the best part! PurKratom provides free first class shipping on all orders! Yes, all. There is no threshold that you must meet to get free shipping. You will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with their no-questions-asked 30-day return policy.

Looking at the price, some people will probably be discouraged. That’s because the vendor is not the cheapest in the market. However, given the quality of their products and the free shipping, I’d say they are somewhat acceptable.

  • Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo Herbals has one of the most extensive product lines in the market. The website – which may seem like it’s intended for kids – has also done an excellent job in making it easy for you to find your way around all these strains. They have been grouped in different categories from Slow Kratom, Moderate Kratom to Fast Kratom. Several products are also placed under Newbie and Capsule categories. You will also find other non-Kratom products such as Hemp CBD Oil, Kava, Maca Powder, Kanna, and Horny Goat Weed, among others.

Happy Hippo Kratom strains are of excellent quality. In fact, some of the strains are so strong that you can efficiently utilize just a fraction of your regular dose and still get the desired results.  

We must also recognize the commitment by Happy Hippo Herbals to deliver safe products. Not only do they submit samples for third party testing, but they’ve actually published these results on their website for everyone to see. This is transparency that we’d love to see other suppliers emulate.

All orders placed before 5 PM are shipped on the same day. They also offer international shipping. They charge for both domestic and international shipments.

You must be 21 years or older to buy from Happy Hippo Herbals. This may come as a disappointment to all the 18+-year-olds who want and can legally buy Kratom in their states.

Happy Hippo Herbals prices are quite high. Maybe that’s because their strains are potent, but even then, a lot of people are likely to find the high prices discouraging. You can comfort yourself on the fact that you will receive some free Happy Hippo samples with your order.

  • Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom has a neat and highly intuitive website. The site is also highly informative as each strain is accompanied by a review of some of its benefits and additional information on dosage. This is crucial, especially to new Kratom users.

What about the quality? Even though the website itself does not give much information regarding quality assurance (which is disappointing), we do have a lot of anecdotal evidence to show that their products are effective. We’ve also tried some of the Kratom powder before – white maeng da to be specific – and the results were impressive. We started feeling its effects within 5 to 10 minutes, and in 40 minutes, we were enjoying the full force of the strain. It then took around 6 hours for the effects to wear off.

Coastline has a decent product selection. Not only do you get all the popular Kratom strain in their powdered form, but you can actually buy a Kratom plant here. You could then go ahead and grow the plant in your backyard. If the soil and weather are favorable, you can end up having your own unlimited supply of Kratom. Unfortunately, I’m of the unpopular opinion that buying Kratom plant is pointless unless of course, you are living in Southeast Asia.

Coastline Kratom offers a money-back guarantee, but it only applies to U.S buyers. They claim that you can return your products at any time should you be unsatisfied by them. They don’t speak of any deadlines for making your returns.

You are also guaranteed free shipping if you place an order of over $75. All orders are typically processed and shipped within a day. This is a bit of a letdown considering other suppliers can ship your orders on the same day. It isn’t much of a deal-breaker, though. You should also know that Coastline Kratom does not ship to all states in the U.S. Some countries are also exempted. You can check out their website to see whether your area is covered.

We’ve come across users discussing the color of the Kratom strains on the Coastline website. When you compare them to other suppliers, you’ll notice that they are way saturated. I believe that they’ve used photo editing tools to achieve this since the actual Kratom itself does not look like that.