TB-500 Review: pro’s & con’s of this peptide

TB-500 Review: pro’s & con’s of this peptide

TB-500: the complete guide

TB-500 is a way for people to recover quickly after an injury as well as increase their muscle growth. Bodybuilders have been raving about the results. It is a synthetic version of the protein named Thymosin Beta-4. It is banned from all sporting events across the world, so that is a clear indicator of how effective it works. 

Medical History

TB-500 is an artificially extracted fraction of a protein that is present in most mammals. It is effective by helping the way that a protein named actin builds cells in the body. It is not able to do this on its own, which is where TB-500 comes into play. It is a vital building block that helps in building up for proteins.

Actin is a key ingredient in promoting cell growth throughout the body. Regardless of what issue you may be having in your body, increased levels of actin will naturally help your body heal. Actin will seek out the part of the body that needs help and promote cell growth in that area. It provides the time the body needs to regenerate and return back to full health. While promoting cell growth, actin also reduces inflammation that has been ignited to protect that area. TB-500 regulates the production of actin, so the body benefits tremendously from its use.

Benefits of TB-500

TB-500 is not something that is currently licensed for use in humans or animals. It has proven to be very useful in helping animals heal and veterinarians have been known to administer it to help their animals feel better. Even though testing has not been done on humans, TB-500 has been around for over 30 years and used by humans frequently.

Some of the positive effects that have been reported from the consistent use of TB-500 include:

  • Reduced levels of pain
  • Improvement in overall strength
  • Faster healing time from tissue and muscle damage
  • Improvement in endurance levels
  • Increase in muscle gains after a full cycle
  • Reduction of inflammation

It is clear to see why bodybuilders and athletes would be so attracted to using TB-500. The benefits can do wonders for their bodies and allow them to continue on with their daily workouts and sporting activities. 

It has also been known to be very helpful to bodybuilders and athletes who may be pushing harder than their bodies can handle. At times, this can cause some major strain on their hearts. TB-500 has been said to help repair tissue damage and keep the heart healthier. 

Side Effects

Anytime there are a ton of rewards for something, there tend to be a few possible setbacks as well. As long as TB-500 is taken properly, most people have reported no side effects whatsoever. People who are using TB-500 for the first time could experience nausea and headaches. 

There have been some studies that have linked TB-500 to causing cancer. This appears to only be a hypothesis in a very small study, but worth mentioning because it has been talked about. It is believed to cause cancer because of its ability to increase cell production. If it causes cell production to happen quicker, it would also lead to cancer cells reproducing quicker, as well. If this theory holds true, cancer would have already been prevalent in the body and not caused by TB-500.


Because of how quickly TB-500 races around your body to find cells to heal, the dosage amounts will vary from time to time. Dosages could be lowered quickly because of how rapidly the healing process begins. As a result, TB-500 will not have be taken on a consistent basis.

Since no official human trials have been done on TB-500, there is no exact dosage known to work best. Bodybuilders have typically been using 10mg of TB-500 around two to three times a week. After a couple of weeks, the dosage would drop to 5mg.

People have also used TB-500 for maintenance purposes. This could mean that very low doses are taken periodically during a bodybuilding cycle. It is best to always start with a low dose anyway so that you can see how your body reacts to the injection. If you are able to get a high-quality TB-500 oral liquid, you could drink it without having to inject it.


It isn’t hard to see why TB-500 is popular. Its ability to replicate the peptides in our body to help generate cell growth, repair the body and lower inflammation really makes it stand out against all others. It has been recommended that it be used alongside SARMs in bodybuilding. The muscle growth that you’ll be achieving from SARMs will only be quickly enhanced with the addition of TB-500.

Since it generates healing in the muscle, the growth will be more dramatic and rapid. Any chance to heal the body in a quicker fashion should always be taken advantage of. Its ability to reduce inflammation around the body can keep your cycle of bodybuilding pain-free and stop your body from seizing up at all. 

Getting your hands on SARMs, peptides, and anabolic steroids can be a challenge. Most places are only comfortable selling supplements rather than the real stuff. But, with some proper searching and investigating, TB-500 can be found and sold for between $30-$50. Even though no human trials have taken place, only positive results have been reported from people who use it. Being extra careful and using only small doses to start will help you determine how well your body is responding to the product.

If something doesn’t feel right at any time, you should stop using TB-500 immediately and seek the help of a physician. You know your body better than anyone else, so you will be able to tell if something seems off. And, since everyone’s body reacts differently to things, it is hard to know what effect anything will ever have on a particular person. 

If you are able to reap the benefits that TB-500 has to offer, you will get a whole new perspective on working out and seeing rapid results.