SARMS Before and After Results: A Comprehensive User Guide

SARMS Before and After Results: A Comprehensive User Guide

SARMS Before and After Results

When you put in a considerable amount of time into your workouts, you want to see results that correspond with your effort. Otherwise, it becomes utterly frustrating when you show up to the gym and leave all your guts there, only to have insignificant results to show for it.

Have you ever gotten to a point where you feel like your body is finding it hard to advance past a certain point? At this point, you’ve probably been trying to crush the same PB you set sometime two months ago without much success? It’s like your body no longer wants to improve. This case is all too familiar to fitness enthusiasts, especially those who’ve decided to go the natty way.

However, if you want to break through to the next level and start setting new PBs, and even have a killer physique to show for it, you need to spice up your workout regimen. There is no shame in using a performance enhancer to help propel you to the next level you’ve coveted for so long.  

sarms before and after
Before and after 8 weeks SARMS cycle

Have you come across SARMs? With the right compound in your arsenal, you can achieve any fitness result you’ve ever wanted. If it is gaining as much mass as your ligaments could sustain, they’ll help. If you desire strength and endurance to train harder and for longer, they’ll help you. If you want to get shredded as if you were going for a bodybuilding contest in a month, SARMs have got you covered as well.

Sounds like a magic potion, huh? Well, so did anabolic steroids, and we all know how that narrative unfolded. The best part about SARMs is that you can attain all those fits without exposing yourself to the risk of nasty side effects, such as those associated with anabolic steroids.

Therefore, this review will feature the before and after results of using SARMs. Eventually, you will get a picture of how your workout sessions and physique can change when you incorporate a SARM that befits your objective into your regimen.

SARMs Results

Although SARMs follow a similar mechanism of action, selectively targeting androgen receptors in the body, they provide distinctive results. Therefore, it would be best to check out the before and after effects of each SARM separately.


Ligandrol has often been touted as the best SARM for bulking. Perhaps this is because it acts much like an anabolic steroid-based substance as it can rapidly enhance the development of muscle mass while reducing overall body fat simultaneously.

This compound also goes by the name LGD-4033 or Anabolicum. It was initially developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, although it’s current research is attributed to Viking therapeutics. 

The effects of Ligandrol on the body are widely compared to those of running Test-E (exogenous testosterone). Apparently, you will feel stronger, have incredible muscle pumps, your muscles will be fuller and harder, and you will recover at the drop of a hat. 

One of the Ligandrol anecdotes circulating in the fitness community star a man named Will Grier, who was the quarterback for the Florida Gators. Apparently, Will gained a whopping 43 pounds within 12 months when cycling Ligandrol. What’s more, his performance on the field was nothing short of superhuman. Well, excuse him but any mass gain that drastic is bound to enter the snoop’s crosshairs.

During the first clinical trial of Ligandrol, participants were given a daily dosage of 1 mg per day for 21 days. By the end of the trial period, the participants had gained an average mass of 2.66 pounds. Now envision the kind of results you would achieve if you were to take a daily dose of 5 to 10 milligrams for at least six weeks.

Anecdotal reports include that Ligandrol is very effective even at low doses of only 5 milligrams per day. For a cycle lasting anywhere between six and eight weeks, users have gained an average of six to eight pounds of lean muscle mass. What’s more, users have experienced a considerable increment in strength and have been able to retain most of their gains. 

Eventually, after your cycle is complete, you will have gained a considerable amount of lean and hard muscle mass. Your body will be more vascular, and your muscle tone will be more defined.

Furthermore, the vast majority have experienced no side effects except for some hormone suppression.  You may use a natural PCT product to help you recover from the cycle.

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GTX Laboratories developed Ostarine in the early 2000s as a possible therapeutic alternative for anabolic steroids in treating ailments such as muscle wasting. So far, eight clinical trials have been performed with fostering, and the results were extremely auspicious in all of them. What’s more, phase 2 B medical trial was conducted 159 participants, and Ostarine was found to increase lean muscle mass significantly. 

In fact, this compound is still being researched as a potential cure for muscular atrophy caused by injury and conditions such as cancer and HIV.

Despite the potential of MK-2866 as a muscle-building compound, it is cutting that has made the SARM as popular as it is today.  In fact, it is considered to be the perfect SARM for cutting cycles. 

Anecdotal reports include that MK-2866 provides decent strength gains, and is anabolic even at extremely low doses. This suggests that running this SARM, you can still keep your hard muscle even during a caloric deficit.  What’s more, it is excellent for your joints. 

If you want to appreciate the perks of something like MK-2866, think intense cardio sessions when you’re aiming to drop a few pounds rapidly.

However, that’s not the only advantage.

An Ostarine bulk contains minimal water retention. Therefore, you can rest assured that this is the best SARM if you are looking for a lean mass. However, you still have to keep an eye on what you eat and control your sodium intake.  During an Ostarine cycle, you will experience more strength, meaning that you will be able to lift better and run faster (basically every aspect of your physical performance will be enhanced).

With Ostarine, you can expect to gain anywhere from four to six pounds of lean muscle mass.  When it comes to bulking, it is not as powerful as other SARMs such as Ligandrol or rad 140. The best part about this SARM is that it can be used for various purposes. You can use it for both bulking and cutting. You will come across amazing Ostarine before and after photos online.

You will be shocked to learn that most of the results were acquired by dosing up to 20 mg of Ostarine over an eight-week cycle. 

You should also expect to lose some body fat as well. Basically, you will lose fat while gaining muscle. How cool is that? 

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RAD-140 is also known as Testolone. It was discovered by Radius Incorporated in the early 2000s. Disarm is being investigated for its potential therapeutic application in preventing muscle wastage in terminally ill patients.  However, it is currently being researched as a possible cure for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Around 2010 the first batches of RAD-140 arrived in supplement stores, and since then it has been a fan favourite. Testolone is touted to be the most potent SARMs of all. Again, it is widely known primarily for the dramatic strength gains it provides. You will cruise through tattoos set new personal best records and keep lifting even after crashing your last set. 

Initial clinical trials for Testolone indicate that it may increase lean mass by 10% in nearly four weeks. Anecdotal reviews show that users can gain an average of 6 to 8 pounds of lean muscle mass in 6 months with two RAD-140 cycles. We’re talking pure keepable gains. 

During the initial stages, you may gain a lot more in the form of water and glycogen.  However, do not panic, as the body drops it gradually you will be left with lean muscle.

During the initial stages, you may gain a lot more in the form of water and glycogen. However, do not panic, as the body drops it gradually you will be left with lean muscle.

RAD 140 is highly potent, and while there is no standard dosage, anecdotal reports show that anywhere between 10 and 30 milligrams will help you achieve the best results. A standard Testolone cycle is eight to ten weeks, and you are strongly advised against exceeding that period.

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SARMs are superior to other bodybuilding supplements as they provide you with the best results without a significant catch. There are several SARMs in the market, and all of them offer different results. Regardless of your fitness objective, there is a SARM that will help you achieve the best results.

Do you want to break those old PBs? Are you tired of settling for a substandard physique that doesn’t let you stand out the way you’d want? Define your goal today, select your SARM, and get to the grind. Don’t forget to take those before and after pics so that you can motivate a friend, or even show off for that matter.