Rad140 Testolone: The Complete Bodybuilding Guide

Rad140 Testolone: The Complete Bodybuilding Guide

An overview of Rad140

If you’re looking for a new type of SARM that has the same benefits as steroids, without any other side effects, then Rad 140 is the product for you. Developed by Radius Health, this product is actually being researched as a means of therapeutic healing and is showing a lot of amazing and promising results.

It’s only been on the market a few years, but Rad 140 is a ready becoming one of the top sellers in the bulking and weight training world. Just like other SARMS, this product seeks out androgen receptors in the same way that anabolic steroids do. It’s attracted to the androgen receptors in your muscles and stimulates the same effect throughout your body.

Unlike steroids, Rad 140 doesn’t impact a man’s prostate gland in any way nor causes androgenic symptoms within women, which is often a nasty side effect of steroids. That means if you’re looking for a product that gives you the book that you’re looking for without interfering with your hormones, then this one for you.

Another great benefit to Rad 140 is that it seems to be a lot stronger than any of the other SARMS. It’s extremely potent and works really quickly. There’s probably no other SARM that is a strong as Rad 140 without being toxic. This is great for first-time users who are looking to see what products are going to work for them.

Clinical Studies

Rad 140 also goes by the name testolone. Just like any other new product in the medical world, testolone is still currently undergoing research and testing. There’s no doubt about its ability to help bulk up muscle, but there are many other human studies being conducted in labs. Many of these SARMS continue to be medically relevant in treating other diseases and problems, like muscular dystrophy.

So far, a lot of the test results are extremely promising. Rad 140 showing that it has the ability to increase your muscle mass without elevating the number of liver enzymes your body produces. There’s also very little effect on the prostate gland, which means if you’re getting older and you’re dealing with a little bit of muscle wasting due to age, this product will counter those effects.

Activating Beast Mode!

If you’re looking for SARMS that will give you the ultimate edge in the gym, Rad 140 is exactly what you’re looking for. This product is guaranteed to help you fight through any plateaus you face while working out. Most of the people who use Rad 140 are showing so many incredible advantages that there crushing all of their personal best records in just two weeks. They continue to show these types of results for about six weeks in total before it starts to settle.

Also, if you’re one of those people who like your veins popping out when you work out, Rad 140 is one of the few SARMS that will deliver the type of vascularity you get from taking things like Winstrol. Your veins will be popping out like crazy, giving you the shredded look that you’ve always desired.

For bulking, Rad 140 is actually superior to Anabolicum. Testolone offers a dryer and a leaner gain that prevents you from looking soft while you’re bulking. Within a normal 8 to 10 week cycle you’ll develop up to 3 pounds of new dry muscle without the additional water weighing you down. This is perfect for bulking up and sing the gains you so desire.


One positive aspect of steroids that many bodybuilders enjoy is the aggression that they get when they take it. That aggression makes you want to hit the gym that much harder. It can be a positive thing to allow your body to want to keep going and push through your workouts. This is really the only way that you will improve and develop gains.

Without this aggression, you be softer in the gym and you won’t go as hard. Other SARMS don’t have this aggression by product, but Rad 140 does. It is very comparable to normal steroids like Masteron and Dianabol. So, if you’re looking for that extra focus and drive to push yourself in the gym, Rad 140 is the perfect product for you to try.

Also, don’t be afraid to combine Rad 140 with other SARMS like Ostarine. Ostarine is great with helping muscles heal, your recovery times are much quicker. By combining the two, one gets you hyped up and ready to push on, while the other will help take care of your body so you heal quicker and can get back in the gym that much faster, only improving your ultimate gains.

Are There Any Side Effects with Testolone

In regard to any of the clinical studies conducted, Rad 140 hasn’t been shown to have any adverse side effects whatsoever. At the same time, other reviews show that there are some side effects present. Because this product is much stronger than other SARMs, and is extremely close to your typical steroid in strength, many first-time users aren’t ready for its effects.

In this case, you might want to try any of the other products on the market to test them out and see how it works for you. Rad 140 might be for those who’ve been hit in the gym for a while and know what to expect. Regardless of the few side effects, many still take it because it gives them the results that they’ve been looking for.

Because Rad 140 is so strong, it’s recommended that you start slow and use a low dose. From there you can determine if you’re ready to take more. 10mg/ED for the first few weeks is the best recommendation. If no side-effects become present, you can move up to 20mg.

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