Phytoextractum Review: Is this a reliable kratom supplier

Phytoextractum Review: Is this a reliable kratom supplier

An introduction to Phytoextractum

How are you supposed to find the best Kratom supplier in a market full of snake oil products sold under the name “Potent Kratom Powder”? Ever since Kratom became so popular, its suppliers have been popping up from all corners, each one claiming to have the best strains than the last. The truth, however, is that a majority of these suppliers are only interested in your cash. They care very little about what precisely the Kratom does and more about how they can increase the revenues. This is why you will see so many products which are poorly concentrated to intentionally trap you into consuming more which translates to buying more.

In other cases, some of these products will not work at all, and the vendors will make sure that they are not covered by any return policies. Sometimes it gets even worse because the Kratom might be contaminated with other compounds all in the name of claiming to be “potent.” Such Kratom will probably have amplified effects, but then the adverse reactions will also be higher.

So, with all that information in mind, where should we rank Phytoextractum? Are they worth your money? Let’s find out.

Phytoextractum Overview

The first positive sign when dealing with phytoextractum or phyto is that there’s so much information about it. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the supplier has been in the industry for over a decade. With so much information around, it’s very easy to fully understand this Oregon-based vendor and what you can expect should you to decide to do business with them.

Phyto Website

How easy is it to find your way around the website? Well, the layout of this website is not the best you can find. I believe the company was trying too much to give you all the information you need from the homepage, and this resulted in making it look overwhelming. There are so many links squeezed at all corners of the website. On the far left you will find product categories while the far right is filled with some of the products on offer “specials,” new products, information on rewards point and even a little segment on “Tweets.” Why would you include your twitter handle here? 

Meanwhile, the upper bit of the website has the company logo and several other links on Kratom, CBD, Shipping, Free Stuff, Quality Reviews, etc. You will also see some links to different social platforms from Facebook, Google+, Twitter to Pinterest. Oh, and the website allows you to sign in with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

In summary, I believe they can do a better job tidying up the website. There are so many unnecessary links here which can ruin the ease of use.

Product Selection

Phytoextractum has a decent selection of Kratom strains. By clicking the Buy Kratom section, you will be directed to the different forms of Kratom on offer. These include Kratom Tea Powder, Kratom Tea Extract, and Kratom Tea Capsules. That’s the closest thing to categorization as you are going to get here. Again, we see the shortcomings of the website affecting the user’s experiences. They could have delivered a more effortless shopping experience by grouping the Kratom according to their strains or vein color.

Anyway, here are some of the Kratom strains that you can find in powder, capsule, and tea extract form:

  • Bali Powder
  • White Maeng Da Thai
  • Red Maeng Da Thai
  • Green Malay
  • White Borneo
  • Gree Thai
  • Red Borneo
  • Super Indo
  • Red Dragon
  • White Sumatra
  • Red Sumatra
  • Yellow Borneo
  • Red Kali
  • Gold Elite
  • Gold Reserve

The Buy Kratom segment also has links to top-selling strains, beginner strains, new discoveries, recommended rotation, and books. What stood out for me here is the tea accessories section. In case you don’t know, you can learn how to make Kratom tea and use these accessories to make and enjoy it from the comfort of your home. It’s an exciting “ritual” that you should try out.

Does, Phytoextractum sell quality Kratom?

This is the one place where Phyto does not disappoint. Phytoextractum has setup stringent quality assurance strategies that have worked remarkably. They have strict environmental and sanitation controls to keep the facilities clean and safe from pathogens and other contaminants. All their products are also tested for heavy metals, yeast and mold, salmonella, and coliforms and E Colie. Only the products that have passed the tests are put up for sale. As a buyer, you can request the certificate of authenticity of the specific strain that you’ve bought. This can be done by submitting a form online with the lot number. You can still request the certificate even if you don’t have a lot number. In such a case, you’ll be given a certificate for the latest lot. The quality is outstanding. Needless to say that they are also AKA GMP certified.

Don’t just take our word for it, you can go ahead and research the vendor online, and you’ll arrive at the same conclusion. You can even do better by trying out the Kratom yourself and tell us about your experience.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Phyto pricing is very affordable. This is excellent news as we are used to seeing products of such quality tagged with hefty prices. As if the prices aren’t reasonable enough, you’ll also enjoy further discounts of up to 15% on so many of the strains in stock. You can get additional discounts by subscribing to the mailing list.

Phyto accepts different payment options, including e-check, credit card, and bitcoin. You can also use free cash on delivery or COD.

Shipping and Return Policy

All orders placed before 2 PM PST are processed and shipped on the same day. The company offers free USPS First Class shipping on all orders! There are no cut-offs or anything that you must meet to enjoy the service. Alternatively, you can utilize the USPS Priority Mail for $4.99. This is useful in case your Kratom supply is running low fast, and you want your next order delivered in the shortest time possible. Otherwise, I’ve always found the free USPS First Class shipping to be sufficient. The deliveries are done on time plus you get to save yourself some cash for your next order. In case you place an order of over $75, you’ll receive free priority mail.

According to Phytoextractum, all sales made are final. In certain circumstances, you may qualify for a store credit or exchange. This will be done if you return the order within 30 days of receipt. The seal must be unbroken.

In case you buy seeds or plants from Phytoextractum and for some reason you want to return them, you should do so within three days of receipt.

The Phyto return policy is not exactly a confidence builder. The very best Kratom vendors will always have a much friendlier return policy. Luckily for them, the products seem to work quite well and hence not a lot of people find themselves in need of a refund or exchange.

Customer Support

Phytoextractum has an excellent customer support team. These are sentiments shared by a lot of buyers. They usually provide useful information promptly. You can write to them through the address provided on their website or send them an email through the address provided in the same section. You can also fill a form online and send it out. They usually reach back in no time.

Final Thoughts on Phytoextractum

There are several areas where Phytoextractum falls short. This includes the website layout and returns policy. However, when it comes to the quality of products, they do not disappoint. Their Kratom strains are of excellent and consistent quality that seems to work with everyone. The pricing is also very reasonable. For those reasons, I believe they are worth a shot.