Masteron Anabolic Steroid: What you need to know

Masteron Anabolic Steroid: What you need to know

Masteron Review

Many people who have relied on taking anabolic steroids have leaned on Masteron in the past. It is administered with the use of a needle. Masteron can be frequently seen in the bodybuilding circuit, especially during a cutting cycle. Bodybuilders lean on it because it has estrogen fighting properties that help build a well-built and defined body.

Two forms of Masteron are available. One is Masteron propionate and the other is Masteron Enanthate. Masteron propionate is the older version of the two and required frequent injections. Because of the high demand for Masteron propionate, an alternative version of the drug, Masteron Enanthate, was created. Masteron enanthate lasted longer and did not require as many injections per week. 

Medical History

Designed in 1959 by a company called Syntax, the drug wasn’t marketed until around the 1970s. It was an anti-estrogen steroid that was used to help treat breast cancer. For about 20 years it was used and even though it did have some positive results, it is not really used in any of the more advanced treatments today. As a result, Masteron is now one of the go-to steroids available for serious bodybuilders today.

Masteron was used with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, otherwise known as SERM. It can slow down the aromatase enzymes and works to mix with estrogen to block receptors. Bodybuilders love this because it blocks testosterone from converting into estrogen. As a result, the body can produce more testosterone.

Benefits of Masteron

One of the many benefits of Masteron is its ability to protect testosterone from converting into estrogen. As a result, it is beneficial during the cutting stage of bodybuilding. People tend not to use it to bulk up, however. Due to the reduction of estrogen, people will retain a lot less water in their muscles, which allows the focus of your muscles to be accentuated. 

People who have a lower fat body count will benefit from Masteron. That reduction of water really brings the muscles to life. As a steroid, it is of little use to people who do not have an interest in cutting. People who are more into working out for fitness routines will not benefit from what Masteron has to offer.

Masteron is not seen as one of the stronger steroids on the market, which is a reason it is not used by my bodybuilders for bulking up. The reduction of water in the cells will have a negative effect on this kind of bodybuilder. This is not a steroid that you would want to use if you are trying to lose weight, even though it does facilitate the loss of water. 

But, overall, Masteron will help in bringing the lean muscle to life. It helps to reduce bloating in our bodies. Muscles will feel much tighter and fuller. While working out, bodybuilders will feel they are pumping up more prominently. Recovery time will also improve along with no real weight gain as a result. 

When body fat levels are lower, the lesser-known details in your muscles become very apparent. As a result, you can that optimal cut look. The reduction of water under the skin allows for great muscle expansion to take place. Masteron will help you get through those difficult workouts when your energy and calorie levels are low. 

Side Effects

Masteron, like almost all steroids, does have side effects that people need to be aware of. It has a tendency to cause high blood pressure, acne, and aggression. It has also been known to have an effect on gynecomastia. Men may also experience hair loss, too. All of these side effects are transient and will not persist.

Masteron could have the potential to interfere with prescription drugs and other over the counter medicines. It also has the chance to interact with other steroids or supplements that you could be taking. Side effects will vary from person to person depending on their tolerance level. People’s bodies are unpredictable, so pinning down exact side effects can be challenging.

Compared to many of the other steroids, the side effects of Masteron is pretty mild. On rare occurrences, Masteron can enlarge a person’s prostate. It can also be responsible for the minimization of natural androgenic hormones. 

Medications are available to fight against some of these effects. Finasteride is commonly used to help people who are losing their hair while Accutane is used to calm acne. Even though all of these risks are pretty low, users of Masteron need to be aware of them and seek medical assistance when necessary.


For users who are taking the propionate form, they will need injections once in two days or on alternative days. The recommended dose in a week is between 350mg to 500mg. For users of the enanthate form, their dosage in a week would be between 400mg to 600mg. This would be split twice over a seven day period. The length of use should be 6-10 weeks during the workout cutting phase.


Masteron is a relatively tame steroid that really has a focus on the cutting phase of working out. The reduction of estrogen effects that it has will reduce water tension, and bloating. This is a popular steroid because of its sole focus on having a sculpted look.

The compound mixture slows down weight gain and people will notice their recovery time and endurance levels greatly increase. But, it is not the steroid of choice for people who have a fitness routine that is not aimed at cutting. People who are overweight will not reap the benefits of this steroid, as well. Those who have less than ten percent body fat will reap the benefits more than anyone else. 

Based on the few side effects, Masteron is one of the safer steroids on the market that can really be an advantage to bodybuilders looking for a more sculpted body.