Maeng Da Kratom: Pro’s & Con’s you should know about

Maeng Da Kratom: Pro’s & Con’s you should know about

What is Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is a Kratom strain that needs no introduction. This extremely popular Kratom strain is touted to be the most powerful in the market. Its effects are much more intense as compared to most of the other strains. That’s good news to everyone who is looking for the ultimate Kratom experience. Its potency, however, might be something you need to seriously consider if you are a new Kratom user. That’s because the potent Kratom strains are not particularly ideal for introducing Kratom alkaloids to your system. Such strains can easily overwhelm your body resulting in unwanted reactions. Fortunately, you can get around this effect by starting your Maeng Da Kratom journey at extremely low doses.

From its naming, you can tell that this strain is not like the others. All Kratom strains are usually named from where they came from. Maeng Da doesn’t really represent any place in the world, does it? This is actually a Thai dialect slang word for pimp. The strain comes from Thailand, where it has been used for hundreds of years. Indeed, some reports suggest that Maeng Da Kratom was discovered when Kratom farmers were looking for a way of increasing their energy levels to meet the demands of growing and harvesting Kratom leaves. This led them into this particular strain which has proven to be very reliable over the years. Other than providing a decent supply of energy, Maeng Da Kratom has also been useful in many different ways.

What are the benefits of Maeng Da Kratom?

  • Energy Boost

This is by far the most popular Maeng Da Kratom property. When consumed at low doses, it functions as a stimulant. Now, let me take a moment and tell you that this is not your typical stimulant. It delivers the same effects as your caffeine, but in no way does it cause havoc to your body. Well, unless you misuse it. It’s due to this distinction that Maeng Da Kratom is said to be a source of “clean” energy that’s free from headaches, jittery and other similar effects.

The application of Maeng Da Kratom for this purpose has been going on for centuries. Thailand farmers have sufficient evidence to back it. Online Kratom forums are also filled with so many users who rely on this strain for energy. Some of them have even gone as far as replacing their morning cup of coffee with Maeng Da Kratom.

  • Boosts Concentration and Mental Awareness

This is yet another benefit that can be traced to the stimulation properties of Maeng Da.  Not only does the strain pump you with so much energy to meet your daily demands, but it also stimulates your brain to match with it. 

I’ve personally used Maeng Da Kratom, and I can report that it has improved my output significantly. It improves your attention to details, focus, and alertness. This ends up boosting some of your other cognitive functions such as decision making.

With mental and physical energy in the bag, there is really nothing else that can stop you from being the best version of yourself. This perfectly explains why Maeng Da is a common name among students and professionals.

  • Mood Enhancement

Maeng Da Kratom can play a very crucial role in keeping you at the right mental state as far as mood goes. It builds a sense of enthusiasm and optimism, both of which are key in pushing you towards doing even the tasks that you don’t like. Some users have also reported that Maeng Da gives them enjoyment in their daily activities. If you think about it, Maeng Da Kratom can be very useful if you have a tedious and stressful job that has to be done, but you’re not really into it. The strain will supply you with the energy, mental focus, and a positive mood to help you through even the worst of days.

  • Euphoria

A very fine line separates the mood enhancement and euphoric properties of Maeng Da Kratom. For mood enhancement, you need to take Maeng Da at slightly high doses. Unfortunately, the higher the doses get, the higher the chances of getting euphoric. Most people won’t mind the effects when they come at the right time like say you are at home trying to relax as you catch up with your favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, this property can be the source for a lot of problems, especially when they start to manifest when you’re at work or in school. For that reason, I’ll urge to stay vigilant on how much of the strain you are using. You could be prepping yourself for the most stressful day ever, but don’t let your desperation for a positive mood to fool you into taking too much of it.

  • Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the main reasons behind the huge demand for red vein Maeng Da Kratom. This particular vein Kratom strain is the best Maeng Da Kratom for pain relief. It is a favorite to a lot of people because it achieves the painkilling effects without causing sedation. This makes it much better than some of the other analgesic Kratom strains such as Borneo and Bali. Red Vein Maeng Da will deliver moderate energy levels and pain relief simultaneously. That makes the strain an excellent choice for when you need to numb the pain while you still have a lot to do, and hence, you don’t want your energy levels and productivity compromised.

Types of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is available in different vein colors. Although they all share a decent fair of properties, they also have a particular distinction that sets them apart. Depending on the exact effects you are looking for, you may want to choose one specific vein color over the others.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da Kratom is the most used Maeng Da Kratom strain. It is known for delivering excellent painkilling results without causing unnecessary sedation. Other than that, it also offers an energy boost, improved focus, and mood enhancement. 

Who is Red Maeng Da for? This is the strain for you if you need a natural pain killer, but you don’t want a drop on your energy levels. Its painkilling effect is usually rated as highly, but its energy boost is mild. Therefore, it might not be the best pick if your priority is energy and not pain relief.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da is a great alternative to its red counterpart. That’s because its better at delivering energy levels than it is a pain killer. Its energy-boosting, mood, and focus enhancement properties are rated moderate to high while its painkilling effects are considered to be mild or moderate at the very best.

White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da Kratom is perfect for everyone who wants higher efficiency and productivity. The strain does an excellent job of enhancing energy and focus levels, making it much easier for you to undertake hectic tasks. If you are interested in mood enhancement and pain relief, you are better off going for any of the other two.

What are the side effects of White Maeng Da Kratom?

We’ve already established that Maeng Da functions as an excellent stimulant in boosting energy levels and mental awareness. Unfortunately, this can also be a source of a lot of problems. When misused, the stimulating properties of Maeng Da Kratom can result in caffeine-like side effects. These include:

  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritation
  • Nausea
  • Stomach issues

The secret here is in using the strain properly. Maeng Da is very powerful, and hence, there is really no need to take more than you have to. New users should also start low to minimize the risk of complications.

Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

Being a powerful strain, you can take very little of Maeng Da and still enjoy most of the benefits. The starting dose can be as low as 1 gram. After taking it for some time, you can increase the dose gradually to around 4-5 grams. Most people have found it most useful at this point. Some people go a step further and increase the dose to 8 grams. This still works fine if you’ve demonstrated decent tolerability. Going beyond 8 grams is, however, ill-advised as it gets very sedative plus the side effects will also start to appear.

Maeng Da Kratom starts to hit as soon as 10 – 15 minutes of taking it while the effects can last for 6-8 hours.

Final Thoughts

Maeng Da Kratom is a very powerful Kratom strain with so much to offer. You can adjust which effects you get and how intense they are by choosing the right vein color and the doses you are taking. Something else just as important is where you buy the strain. Check out our list of the best Kratom suppliers, which has some of the most recommended stores that deliver safe and potent strains that are guaranteed to work with minimal to zero adverse reactions.