How to Make Kratom Capsules: The Complete Tutorial

How to Make Kratom Capsules: The Complete Tutorial

A brief introduction to kratom capsules

Weirdly, the western world has caught up with the fantastic benefits of Kratom only recently, yet the Southeast Asians have been enjoying the herb for centuries. Better late than never, though, right?

Traditionally, the Southeast Asia region has been using Kratom in its powdered form. They developed different techniques through which they can best take it as a powder to reap the best benefits. Unfortunately, it still posed some serious cons ranging from the terrible taste of the powder to the difficulty in swallowing it. With Kratom capsules, most of these issues have been resolved. Not only do you get to bypass the distasteful taste of the herb, but you also get to take the herb more conveniently and without drawing too much unnecessary attention.

Did you know that you can actually make Kratom capsules from your home? Yes, you can. Years ago, the only way to get Kratom capsules was by purchasing them from online suppliers. Not only was this expensive but it also gave rise to another pressing issue; adulteration! Cases of guys having terrible experiences after taking Kratom capsules from certain vendors are not that rare. And in most of these cases, the issues arise from the combination of Kratom powder with some foreign compounds. This has been done to “boost” the impact of the Kratom, but it has also resulted in severe adverse reactions. The contamination of these Kratom capsules has also been traced to some instances of guys failing drug tests.

The good news is that you can now avoid all of these issues by making your own Kratom capsules. Suppliers such as Kraken Kratom and even some Pharmaceutical outlets and other outlets can supply you with all the accessories you need to make your Kratom capsules. This means that you will be in control over what exactly it is that is contained in the capsules and how much of it you are using. Provided you are sourcing high-quality Kratom powder from a reputable supplier; you will never again have to deal with any issues of low-quality Kratom capsules. On top of all this, I’ve always found it therapeutic using my last couple of Kratom capsules for mild relaxation and using the better part of my weekend afternoons making my own Kratom capsules.

Now let’s answer this, how do you make Kratom capsules?

The first part is on deciding the type of capsules that you want to use:

Types of Kratom Capsules

Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin capsules are the most common in the market. They are also the cheapest option. However, their use has subsided in recent years, and this is mainly because they are made from animal by-products. The capsules, therefore, contain some chemicals coming from the foods that the animals are eating. This doesn’t sit well with most people and especially vegetarians. The chemicals also make the capsules sensitive to quite a lot of people which invalidates the capsules as a viable option.

Gelatin capsules can be a decent option if you are not allergic to the chemicals, and you don’t mind eating them. They will also help you keep the cost of making your Kratom capsules down.

Veggie Capsules

Veggie capsules are made of methylcellulose or cellulose and purified water. They are currently the most popular option as they are free from chemicals plus they are halal certified. This makes them less sensitive, and hence, a significant majority of people can comfortably use them without any complications. As compared to gelatin capsules, these dissolve much faster. This can be a considerable factor to consider, especially if you don’t want to spend much time sitting around waiting for Kratom to get into your system.

The major drawback with veggie capsules is that they are costlier.

Size of the Kratom Capsules

Capsules usually come in five key sizes. They are typically grouped as:

  • Size 2 – 0.3 grams
  • Size 1 – 0.4 grams
  • Size 0 – 0.5 grams
  • Size 00 – 0.735 grams
  • Size 000 – 1 gram

It’s upon you to decide which capsule size is in line with your Kratom dosage. The difference in size is also good news as it allows you to take you Kratom capsules in more accurate doses.

After making your decision on the type and size of capsules, you will need to get yourself the following accessories:

  • A Digital scale. Preferably a milligram sensitive one to increase accuracy
  • Capsule holder or filler
  • A tamper
  • Parchment paper
  • Latex gloves

Once you have all the equipment in place, and the Kratom powder, of course, you can now follow the following guide to make your capsules:

First, you need to put all the Kratom powder into a container and weigh it using the digital scale. You should calculate to see how many capsules you will fill with that powder.

Take the capsules and separate the short part from the long one.

You can then proceed to put the long parts of the capsules to the capsule holder. Lift the top segment of the holder. Remember to turn the blockers.

Take half the amount of Kratom powder you’ve weighed and place it on the holder. You can then use a clean card to scrape the powder around the holder to fill up the different holes. Continue to do this until all the holes are filled completely.

Using the tamper, push the loose Kratom powder to make it firm.

After the powder compactly packed into the holes, you can proceed to turn the blocks again to bring down the top level of the holder. As this happens, some of the powder in the capsules may start to overflow. However, if you do it with precision, the powder will be overflowing into the top part of the capsules, and hence you won’t lose any powder. You should get better at doing this with time.

As you push the top parts of the capsules down, you will hear a click sound which confirms that the capsules have been sealed.

Once you are done, you can now remove your filled Kratom capsules and put them in a container or bag. The holder will probably have some powder remaining which you can collect and use it in your next round. If you are not making any more powder, you can weigh the remaining powder and subtract it from the original amount you had to see how much Kratom capsules you have.

The above procedure may seem a lot and difficult for a lot of people, but it isn’t. The first two or so trials will definitely be challenging, but after that, you’ll get better at it.

In case you’re committed to Kratom capsules for the long haul, you may also consider getting a capsule machine. These will make the entire process a lot easier and faster since they can fill and cap the capsules for you.

What are the disadvantages of Kratom Capsules?

There are two critical problems with Kratom capsules. First, users may be forced to take quite a huge number of capsules to get the required dosage. As we’ve seen above, 1g is the largest capsule size. This means that if you want to take like 6g of Kratom, then you’ll have to take 6 capsules. This may become unbearable to some people.

Secondly, Kratom capsules have a delayed effect. Unlike taking Kratom in powder form, capsules will take some minutes before the onset of the impact. That’s because the capsules have to be broken down for the powder to dissolve and get absorbed into your system.

Final Thoughts

You can gain control over what exactly it is you are consuming by making your own Kratom capsules. Even with the delay in effects, it remains as a very convenient method of taking Kratom plus it saves you from the terrible taste of Kratom powder. The only thing you have to bear with is taking a slightly high number of capsules, especially if you are consuming high Kratom doses.