GHRP 2: Benefits & Side Effects

GHRP 2: Benefits & Side Effects

An overview of GHRP 2

GHRP 2 is described as a synthetically produced growth hormone peptide that basically works to stimulate your body to ramp up the natural production of the growth hormone your body makes all on its own right inside of the pituitary gland.

This supplement is unique in that it doesn’t necessarily inject or provide any extra growth hormone in your body from an external source, but instead only creates a biochemical cascade of reactions that elevate your own natural production of HGH.

For starters, GHRP 2 works to amplify the actual amount of growth hormone-releasing signal your body produces over time. As we get older, the pituitary gland produces less and less growth hormone – and much of that is because the hormone-releasing signals aren’t triggered as frequently as they would have been our prime.

Secondly, GHRP 2 also works to suppress the hormone somatostatin in the body that works to suppress overall growth hormone output. Over time, our bodies also start to produce more and more somatostatin that inhibits and slows down pituitary gland production of growth hormone – but with the help of GHRP 2 you’ll be able to push through those biochemical barriers and blockers and release a lot more natural growth hormone over time.

Finally, GHRP 2 also has the unique ability to trigger more ghrelin in the body. This is the natural biochemical produce throughout our gastrointestinal system that stimulates both human growth hormone production as well as our appetite. The chemists that engineered the formula behind GHRP 2 have specifically modified its biochemistry to activate only the human growth hormone production side of this biochemical – leaving your appetite on adjusted and unaffected.

Benefits of GHRP 2

There are a bunch of different benefits that you’ll be able to leverage should you choose to start using GHRP 2 on a regular basis, with the most significant benefit being a dramatic increase in the amount of lean muscle mass and muscular tissue you are able to build when working out.

The number one reason that GHRP 2 is such a popular performance-enhancing compound is that it elevates your natural growth hormone levels, allowing your body to speed up the protein synthesis process but also letting you increase your strength and endurance along the way.

Combine all of that with the natural ability of GHRP 2 to improve your recovery time (particularly after very intense workouts) and it’s easy to see how GHRP 2 works to add so much extra lean muscle mass to your frame in a very short amount of time.

You’ll also see GHRP 2 supplementation elevate the natural release of IGF-I throughout the body as well. This means that you’re going to see significant improvements in lean muscle mass gains, strength gains, and athletic capability but that you’re also going to be “leaned out” while you see these gains.

This basically means you won’t have to pack on pound after pound of fat just to bulk up but will instead be able to add a lot of muscle tissue to your frame even when you are cutting.

Both GHRP 2 and IGF-I are regularly used by athletes that want to maintain the muscular tissue gains they have created through an intense workout even while cutting and eating at a caloric deficit. The same things that allow these compounds to help people fight back against muscular tissue wasting diseases and medical conditions (like HIV, for example) make these kinds of benefits possible as well.

On top of all that, the biggest benefit of them all with GHRP 2 is the fact that it allows you to increase your natural human growth hormone production levels without having to add external sources of HGH into your system.

You won’t have to worry about any of the dangers and risk factors that synthetic or external sources of HGH bring about but will instead be leveraging increased HGH levels that your body produces naturally all on its own.

Potential Side Effects of GHRP 2

Thankfully, the benefits of GHRP 2 do not include a whole host of side effects that you have to worry about, either.

The overwhelming majority of the side effects associated with GHRP 2 are mild and will dissipate as soon as you discontinue using this performance-enhancing booster. Most people report a slight uptick in their hunger levels and appetite, some feelings of tiredness and fatigue, and other lethargic behaviors.

In rare circumstances, individuals might notice excessive water retention, a tingling sensation in their extremities, and some issues with their blood pressure levels. Before the most part, you won’t have all the whole lot to worry about when you take advantage of GHRP 2.

Dosage Details for GHRP 2

The dosage recommendations for this performance-enhancing compound are pretty simple and straightforward.

Most people will want to start with an individual dosage of between 0.15 mg to 0.3 mg administered anywhere between one and three times a day for an “on cycle” of six weeks. It’s a good idea to stick to the lower end of the dosage scale when you are first experimenting with GHRP 2 just to get a better feel for everything that it has to offer as well as how it responds to your own unique biochemistry.

Higher dosages (towards the 0.3 mg individual dosage) are routinely used by those that want to maximize athletic performance. Antiaging dosages usually trend towards the lower end of this scale, and may only be taken advantage of once a day versus the three-time a day dosages athletes take.

Final Thoughts

GHRP 2 brings a lot of big benefits to the table with very few side effects, making it one of the most attractive performance-enhancing compounds out there in the world today.

The biggest benefit of all is the fact that it does not introduce any external compounds are chemicals into the body but instead triggers a biochemical cascade of reactions that flood your body with naturally produced human growth hormone from your pituitary gland.

On top of that, GHRP 2 can sometimes be stacked with other performance-enhancing compounds to increase its results even more so. You’ll want to be careful with this kind of approach, however, as GHRP 2 does not necessarily universally work well with other compounds and supplements.