ESARMS Reviewed: Should you Buy Your Sarms Here?

ESARMS Reviewed: Should you Buy Your Sarms Here?

An introduction to ESARMS

Purchasing SARMs online can be a daunting prospect. Given that these products are illegal, it is easy to see how they may not be subject to quality control or other product regulations. One of the most significant challenges bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiast encounter while purchasing SARMs online is getting legitimate products. 

You may purchase a bottle of SARMs. Only to find that whatever is on the label does not match its contents. For instance, when you buy a bottle of LGD4033, you expect that it’s particulars are at least 98% pure Ligandrol; not a concoction of prohormones or anabolic steroids.

Along with bunk products, buyers must also be aware of shady practices from vendors.  Multiple cases have arisen online of scam artists who take people’s money and stop responding to emails suddenly.

With that said, eSARMS is a vendor who recently joined the scene, and members off the community have been eager to learn what they’re all about. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive and neutral review detailing everything we could gather about this vendor.

eSARMS Review Background

Purity is one issue with which the majority of the vendors struggle. The worst part about it is that these vendors still proceed to sell their substandard merchandise regardless. When you surf around in SARM users’ forums, you will find a vast majority of them raising this complaining about SARM vendors.

As if the former isn’t bad enough, other vendors add other substances, such as prohormones or synthetic testosterone, and brand the resulting product as SARMs. Not only is this issue unethical, but it is also downright unsafe because it leaves the user exposed to multiple health hazards.

Therefore, before buying, you must ensure that your vendor has been under several microscopes to ensure that you only purchase a product that is effective and safe as well.

eSARMS Website

A first look at the eSARMS website, you’ll give it an above-average score. First, it does not have that premium or serious vibe, but it is still structured well enough for first-time visitors to find their way around.

This vendor has categorized its products into various groups, which we found to be very helpful, especially for beginners.

The website presents a shortcut function that will direct you to buy a single bottle or their other offers (Buy 2 Get 1 Free or Buy 3 Get 2 Free).

What’s more, there is also a feature where you can buy enough SARMs for a 12-week cycle. Oh, and the merchandise in the 12-week cycle category is further classified into bulking, cutting, and recomping stacks.

eSARMS have also gone an extra step and prepared several stacks, and gone an extra mile to group them into BYO (Build Your Own), cutting, bulking, strength and singles.

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Other than that, other pages featured on the site include the general FAQs, returns, and help details.

Something that will catch your eye is the ‘banned’ section, which leads to two products. Above the menu, you will find a search function, and below it is some of the products on offer.

One shortcoming of the website is that it does not provide sufficient information on the products. For instance, if you want to order Andarine, the only details provided under the description is the size of the bottle and the SARM quantity (in mg/ml).

In addition to providing the price and quantities, it would be helpful if the vendor provided the buyer with more insight. Some of the details that would be beneficial include purity, some benefits of the product, the recommended dosage, among any other information the buyer would deem helpful. Such information would be of much help to an interested researcher or someone new to SARMs. Honestly, we’ve seen retailers do a better job at educating their buyers.

eSARMS Inventory

For starters, these guys have a reasonable sound inventory. They contain almost all the SARMs that are currently sold in the market. In fact, they even have some of the ‘banned’ stuff Cardazol and M1-MK. Unfortunately, this vendor only stocks liquid SARMs and can be slightly inconveniencing for those who prefer a powder or capsules, for whatever reason. However, we’ve not come across many vendors who stock capsule or powders (SARMS1 are an exception). Therefore, we cannot hold it against eSARMS for not doing it either.

You will find the following products on their websites.

  • Stenabolic
  • Testolone
  • Andarine
  • Ostabolic
  • Anabolicum
  • Cardarine
  • Cardazol
  • M1-MK

S23 is not offered here, but it is understandable because of how difficult it can be to get high-quality S23 in liquid form.

While this may be a matter of preference, the fact that eSARMS opt to refer to Ligandrol by its street name Anabolicum and Ostarine, Ostabolic raises some eyebrows. First, it is in the best interest of the vendor to name their products how most consumers (including beginners) would identify them. Could be a quality-related issue?

Like we pointed out earlier, eSARMS also sell pre-customized 12-week stacks. Some of the common ones include:

  • Bulking: 2 bottles of M1-MK, 2 bottles of Cardazol, 6 bottles of Testolone, 3 bottles of Ostabolic, and 3 bottles of Anabolicum.
  • Cutting: 3 bottles of Cardarine, 2 bottles of M1-MK, 2 bottles of Cardazol, and three bottles of Andarine. 
  • Endurance: 6 bottles of Stenabolic, and 3 bottles of Cardarine.
  • Enhanced Cutting: 3 bottles of Andarine, 6 bottles of Stenabolic, 2 bottles of Cardazol, 3 bottles Cardarine, and 2 bottles M1-MK.
  • Ultra Cutting: 6 bottles of Stenabolic, 3 bottles of Andarine, 6 bottles of Testolone, 2 bottles of M1-MK, 2 bottles of Cardazol, and 3 bottles of Cardarine.

eSARMS also have another unfamiliar Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) stack containing Cardazole, Cardarine and M1-MK. This is not what most bodybuilders use, and it would be best if you stuck to regular SARMs PCT guides.

Otherwise, their merchandise is packaged in convenient 30 ml bottles and is accompanied by a well-calibrated dropper for easy dosing.

Product Quality & Effectiveness

The quality of SARMs being sold here is somewhat questionable. First, it would be best to point out that some people have bought SARMs from this vendor and reported good results. Unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of people complaining about the products from this vendor.

There are several reviews where people complain about reacting to Testolone, with some water retention, among other issues. Such reports imply the possibility that their merchandise may contain more than what meets the eye.

There have also been cases of some of their SARMs being less powerful. When the results from this vendor are compared parallel with brands from different retailers, some concerning differences arise. This is probably a result of under-dosing, which is not suitable for any bodybuilder.

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It doesn’t help much either that eSARMS does not mention anything regarding third-party testing and purity levels.

eSARMS Coupons and Pricing

By signing up to the eSARMS newsletter, you are automatically entitled to a $10 coupon. The retailer also offers other coupons occasionally which you can get from the website or other SARMs and fitness forums.

When it comes to the pricing, well, it is decent enough. While it may not be the cheapest, especially if you are buying one product, the vendor offers a competitive bargain when you are buying more than a single product, or in the case of stacks. The bad news is that you cannot substitute any item in the buy 2 get one free offer.

eSARMS Payment Options

The retailer makes paying the most convenient. You can select from a wide range of options, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express. You can also pay through Western Union or MoneyGram and will get 5% off your order for using this option. If you want an even more substantial discount, pay through bitcoin, and you will get a 10% rebate.

eSARMS Shipping

At the moment eSARMS only ship exclusively to the United States and Canada. The company charges a $9.99 flat-rate fee for shipping. Despite how much you spend, they do not offer free shipping.

Unfortunately, some previous customers claim that they’ve had to wait for more than six days, which is non-inclusive of weekends before they had their merchandise delivered.

eSARMS Return Policy

The vendor does not accept any opened item to be returned, which is understandable. However, if it is unopened, it will be accepted, although you will be charged a 25% restocking fee. What’s more, you must return the order within three days of receiving it to qualify for a refund.

eSARMS Customer Support

Unfortunately, no live chat or phone number. However, you can reach them by filling a form on their website. Also, for any inquiries or concerns regarding an order, you can reach them via


That’s about it on eSARMS. What do you think about the vendor? Are you excited to check them out? That was an honest review of the vendor, and you must realize that each retailer has its share of perks and drawbacks.

It is quite interesting that eSARMS bring something fresh to the scene (M1-MK and Cardazol). What’s more, you can save quite a substantial amount if you purchase in bulk. Unfortunately, the mixed reactions about their product quality and potency do not paint the right image. Either way, it is still okay to give them a shot, as long as you take it with a pinch of salt.

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