Dianabol: The Full Guide to This Steroid

Dianabol: The Full Guide to This Steroid

Medical History of Dianabol

Dianabol has gone by a number of different names in the performance enhancement and anabolic androgen steroid world in the past, with the underlying compound itself being methandienone.

This underlying chemical compound was first developed by a Swiss pharmaceutical organization called CIBA back in 1955 and almost immediately it was embraced by the medical community, the veterinarian world, and by amateur and professional athletes internationally.

Classified as a nonmedical steroid (though it has been listed as a controlled substance in both the United States as well as the United Kingdom), Dianabol offers many of the same benefits as traditional steroids without all of the sometimes horrific side effects that traditional performance-enhancing drugs bring about.

Historians believe that Dianabol is amongst the very first anabolic androgenic steroids to be used by professional athletes, with the world of sport today continuing to take full advantage of all the benefits that Dianabol makes possible.

Yes, Dianabol is classified as a Schedule III substance in the United States (and a Schedule IV substance in Canada) but that hasn’t stopped people from seeking out Dianabol, using it on a regular basis, and seeing their performance skyrocket because of it.

Benefits of Dianabol

One of the reasons that Dianabol is so widely popular today (aside from its availability) is the fact that it has such a high rate of absorption into the body.

Unlike a lot of other traditional steroids and other performance-enhancing substances, you aren’t going to be wasting a lot of the Dianabol substance that you consume. Where other performance-enhancing drugs are flushed out of the body rather quickly, Dianabol has absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream thanks to its high bioavailability – and that means it delivers more of its performance-enhancing payload than other options.

On top of that, Dianabol has been conclusively proven to increase overall free testosterone levels in the human body. Higher-level testosterone counts are going to contribute to faster muscle growth, faster muscle recovery, and improved strength, endurance, and athletic capabilities.

This is one of the most popular AAS solutions on the market today for those going through a bulk, but it’s also one of the most popular AAS solutions for those that want to maintain the games that they have generated with Dianabol during a cut.

Increases in protein synthesis are part and parcel of using Dianabol as well.

Your body is naturally going to go through a process of protein synthesis after you have been working out, but poor, ineffective, and inefficient protein synthesis is always going to lead to a slowdown in muscular production, strength improvements, and overall decreased athletic capability.

Dianabol pushes back against those inefficiencies by streamlining the process, by sustaining prolonged protein synthesis, and by helping the body produce more muscular tissue from protein sources than it would have been able to on its own. This leads to a big uptick in strength, endurance, and muscular mass in a relatively short amount of time.

On top of that, Dianabol also provides for a flood of seemingly endless and consistent energy. Those that use Dianabol regularly report feeling like they could work out forever when using this performance-enhancing compound, but also report that they do not deal with the highs and lows (or energy crashes) associated with other performance-enhancing compounds.

Interestingly enough, Dianabol also works to retain more nitrogen during protein synthesis. Nitrogen is such a big piece of the puzzle when creating new muscle mass, and the more nitrogen that can be retained during the protein synthesis process the faster muscle can be established.

Higher counts of red blood cells, better oxygenation, and a more streamlined fueling process of your cells building new muscle mass are all part and parcel of what Dianabol brings to the table.

Finally, Dianabol has also proven to be effective at helping individuals streamline their fat loss process. There aren’t thermogenic properties in Dianabol per se, but it is able to elevate the metabolism so that the body melts fat around-the-clock – even when you aren’t working out.

Potential Side Effects of Dianabol

While Dianabol is comparatively safe when stacked up against the traditional anabolic steroid world this isn’t to suggest that it is perfectly safe, especially if it is being abused.

Dianabol usage in sky-high doses can lead to hepatotoxicity. This is why those with liver issues and ailments are recommended not to take advantage of Dianabol, to begin with, but also why individuals are recommended to have relatively short cycles of Dianabol usage followed by much longer post cycle there be protocols to “flush” the rest of Dianabol from the body before starting back up again.

Thankfully though, this is the most serious of all the side effects that this performance-enhancing compound brings to the table. Other issues can include acne, excessive oil on the skin, male pattern baldness, and elevated aggression levels. Many of these minor issues clear up as soon individuals stop using Dianabol.

Dosage Details for Dianabol

This is a 100% orally available AAS, with individual tablets available in dosages that can range from 5 mg all the way up to 50 mg.

It’s commonly recommended that beginners start with a 30 mg dosage per day when using Dianabol for the first time, slowly building up to a 50 mg dosage a handful of cycles later down the line.

“On” cycles with Dianabol should last no longer than six weeks (with four weeks being the most popular “on” cycles schedule) and a post cycle therapy protocol should last for at least as long as the dosage cycle to flush the rest of Dianabol completely.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Dianabol is as popular as it is today because it has been conclusively proven to deliver real and effective results.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Dianabol is also one of the safest AAS options available, and AAS option that is relatively affordable, and a performance-enhancing compound that just doesn’t come saddled with the same kind of horrific side effects associated with more traditional steroid options.