Cardarine ( GW501516): The Complete Bodybuilding Guide

Cardarine ( GW501516): The Complete Bodybuilding Guide

The history of Cardarine

Cardarine is another one of those miracles of medical science that was created to help treat one thing but then found many other positive uses. In particular, Cardarine was created in the 1990s to help stop tumors from growing in the prostate, colon, and even in breast tissue. As is product continued to grow in popularity, many users started to see multiple advantages to using it to help improve gains and burn fat.  

Cardarine is really a body builder’s dream. It’s really great at boosting your energy so that when you hit the gym, you can go at it harder and spend more time focusing on your gains. Like other SARMs, Cardarine is wonderful at decreasing the recovery time between workouts, which means you can spend even more time at the gym without risk of injury or side effects.

The goal of working out is to develop new, lean muscle while burning anybody fat stored in our system. That’s exactly what Cardarine does. It’s not a stimulant so you don’t have to worry about crashing while taking. But it will give you energy and help burn body fat. You can even use Cardarine with other SARMs to improve your overall results without worrying about side effects.

Cardarine is a Known Fat Stripper

When you choose a supplement for working out, you want one that offers the most positive benefits. Cardarine doesn’t just give you the gains you desire and more energy for your muscles, it also works to destroy any fat cells on your body. Not only does it strip your body of unwanted fat, and actually blocks new fat forming by blasting away and preventing the formation of new fatty acids.

There was a study conducted in 2015 that showed Cardarine impacts the body the same way starvation mode does. When you’re in starvation mode, your body grabs stored body fat is a source of fuel. It’s very similar to the keto diet where instead of using carbohydrates for fuel, you train your body to use stored fat, which is a much cleaner and better fuel source.

Starvation mode, in general, isn’t good for any lifter. We know that we must eat a lot of calories to keep up with the activity we do in the gym. We need to feed our muscles. That’s why it’s good to understand that Cardarine doesn’t put you in starvation mode, it just mimics it. There’s absolutely no muscle wastage and because you’re not actually reducing the calories you take in, your body still properly fueled while shedding excess fat.

Improved Endurance

One of the numerous benefits of Cardarine and its ability to increase oxygen to your muscles as you work out. As you probably know, our muscles get sore once we burn out of the oxygen and certain acids start building up. Using a product like this that increases the oxygen flow to your muscles actually will improve your endurance.

There is a 2015 study where Cardarine was used on mice and found that it actually helped increase their endurance and improve oxygen flow. While the study was done on mice, it also is combined with other reviews of the products that say that they do it more endurance while working out and they’re able to push themselves longer smaller breaks in between. That goes to show just how powerful the supplement is.

When you work out, the ultimate goal is to manipulate your training so that you’re pushing your muscles to their extreme. You’re pushing so hard that it causes tears in the muscle, which leads to muscle growth is the body naturally goes into recovery mode. Taking these types of supplements only help the healing move faster. The sooner you heal, the more you can work out and get the gains that you desire.

It works by speeding up the recruitment of new muscle fibers. The sooner that they can grow, the quicker you’ll recover and get back in the gym. Doesn’t just work with muscle either. Cardarine actually improves overall tissue recovery. That means it can stimulate a healthy liver function as well as improve muscle tissue while encouraging healing.

Cancer Treatment

It has been found that Cardarine actually helps prevent cancer cells from growing in tissues, including the colon, breast, and other tissues where cancer often grows and metastasizes. Of course, more study needs to be done but the fact that the promises out there for helping treat certain types of cancers just shows how powerful this supplement is at healing tissues and muscles.


When taking Cardarine, you want to keep it between 10 and 20 mg. If you’re really looking to get into that fat-burning mode, and take the 20 mg each day to really get it pumping in your system. The cycle of Cardarine really lasts about 12 weeks before those who use it start to stagnate in their growth.

Will then have to take a 4 to 6-week break before continuing to use Cardarine. Because you can use it with other supplements, it’s content really cycle and between the different types depending on the workouts and goals that you have. You can even stack your doses is to give you the best performance and the largest gains possible.

By using Cardarine, you can really tap and fat-burning mode for cutting weight, or for bulking. It’s very flexible in whatever you want to use it for. The best part is that there are no side effects, even when you combine them with other supplements. Most of the research has been done on healthy people, so if you drink alcohol, smoke, or take narcotic medications, do your research before taking Cardarine, despite the fact that no evidence has been brought forth of any side effects when using this product.

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