BPC 157 Review: Heals your body like Wolverine

BPC 157 Review: Heals your body like Wolverine

BPC 157 Review

Getting stronger and developing potent muscle mass is something all bodybuilders strive to achieve. There are many supplements and proteins on the market that help bodybuilders achieve their goals. BPC 157 is one of those proteins that provide a tremendous amount of benefits to help bodybuilders. It is a tiny peptide chain, which means it is a component of protein. Since it was able to regenerate proteins, scientists realized that this could help heal muscles and wounds while fighting against the adverse effects of painkillers.

Medical History

BPC 157 is a peptide-protein that can be found in stomach acid. It is considered to be a compound that protects the body by highlighting the therapeutic potential that exists. Research has been done on animals, but scientists are very optimistic about the positive results this could produce in humans. 

With the ability to trigger the development of new blood vessels, BPC 157 can promote healing in both the muscles and tendons. Since it is regenerative, it could be used to help heal cuts and wounds down the line. The increasing of new blood vessels could be a benefit to people who suffer from IBD.  BPC 157 is instrumental in assisting tendons to improve by forcing the tendon cells to develop create more growth signaling molecule receptors. It helps to speed up the process and help people heal quicker.

BPC 157 can lower inflammation, which will help the effects that wounds and ulcers have on the body. It has also shown to have the ability to trigger serotonin and dopamine. This could be a huge boost to the mental health community that struggles with depression, pain, and seizures.

Benefits of BPC 157

As clearly indicated by the medical history above, BPC 157 provides a lot of benefits that could help our bodies. All of the benefits listed below have been shown in mice and rat studies. People should take caution until there have been clinical studies.

Heal Damages Caused by NSAIDs

Drugs that we put into our bodies, like Tylenol, can cause major problems in people’s livers and stomachs, especially if taken in high dosages. It is believed that BPC 157 could reverse the toxic effects of NSAIDs

Potential Improvement in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

BPC 157 has been shown to be safe in many trials of IBD. It has not been peer-reviewed at this point, and some studies are refuting the idea. A study done on rats who were dealing with IBS showed that BPC 157 decreased inflammation.

Possible Increase of Muscle and Tendon Healing

Studies done showed that the Achilles tendons in rats healed almost completely after an injection of BPC 157. The same was shown for rats who had muscles that were crushed or cut. Their muscles suddenly improved after having the peptide injected into them.

Possible Healing of Cuts, Broken Bones, and Burns

Creams that contained BPC 157 sped up the healing process of mice with burns. Diabetic rats were able to use the BPC 157 to help heal cuts, which take longer to heal due to diabetes. Rabbits were able to see their broken bones heal much quicker with an injection of BPC 157

Nervous System and Brain Protection

Rats that had a traumatic brain injury displayed minor damage in their brains after receiving an injection of BPC 157. Nerve cells were shown to regrow and heal in rats that had nerve damage. It also protected them from seizures that were drug-induced. 

Gut Health and Ulcer Improvement

Rats that were injected with BPC 157 showed significant improvement in healing their stomach ulcers. It protected their stomachs from toxins such as alcohol as well as helping strange openings located in the digestive tract that can lead to fluid leakage. The peptide was shown to reduce inflammation in the esophagus of rats.

Blood Pressure Balance

BPC 157 showed a positive effect on the blood pressure on rats. When they forced high blood pressure onto the rats, the BPC 157 decreased that pressure when injected.

Help High Potassium Levels

When levels of potassium become too high, it can lead to kidney disease as well as feeling really weak and potentially even death. Rats that were given BPC 157 after testing high for potassium survived and showed fewer symptoms.

Side Effects of BPC 157

In one study, a small group of healthy male volunteers were given BPC 157 in enema form and had no adverse effects. It is important to note that the dosage details weren’t available, and this is not how BPC 157 would typically be injected. These results have also not undergone a peer review yet.

Since this is a peptide, it would make sense to look at the common side effects of people who have taken a peptide. This does not necessarily mean BPC 157 will show these effects, but since it is a peptide, it is worth commenting on the side effects. People who have used peptides to see muscle mass increase have reported side effects such as toxicity in main organs, an elevation of their weight, changes in blood pressure, heart problems, and even cancer. Since peptides tend to interact with medications, all users should talk to a physician before taking a peptide


BPC 157 can be administered by injection or taken orally. Based on the amount given to rats, it is assumed that 600mcg would be reasonable for an adult human weighing around 132 pounds. Lower dosages can be taken for pain relief. But, since it hasn’t been thoroughly tested on humans yet, it is impossible to know what an appropriate dosage should be and what side effects can be expected.


Users have reported positive effects with BPC 157. In the bodybuilding community, people were delighted with the peptide’s ability to heal injuries, inflammation, soreness, and signs of tendonitis. Others didn’t notice anything happening and were frustrated with the price and lack of direction in terms of dosage. Studies in animals have been promising, but clinical studies are lacking, and people should not take the peptide until proper research has been conducted.