The 3 Best SARMs for cutting You Should Try

The 3 Best SARMs for cutting You Should Try

What is the Best SARMs for cutting

Cutting weight has not always been easy or fun. Just ask the more than 70 million American adults who were found to be obese in 2016.  However, it is not just the excess weight itself that presents problems. The market for weight loss products is awash with scams and fakes. Sorting out what can help you among these gazillions of products as well as watching out against getting scammed can be a real headache.

But can a special group of compounds called SARMs take some of your headaches away?

These SARMs are reputed to be the next best thing after steroids after the latter crashed out of favor due to their frightening health hazards. All this sounds great, but how do you decide the best SARMs for cutting?

Fortunately, in this article, I make your job super easy by revealing my list of best SARMs for cutting.

Out with steroids, In with SARMs

Just a few years back, steroids were the go-to drug if you wanted to cut your weight fast and do it effectively. Steroids were brilliant at this, and one can understand the sensation they caused as people fell over each other to get them. Then the cracks appeared. Except that these were not normal cracks but massive, gaping craters.

That’s because as well as getting you some super results with your weight cutting goals, steroids rained lots of miseries on its users, including liver damage, kidney foul-ups, man’s boobs, etc. There was just no way of getting and keeping only the good part of this package. Steroids insisted on this double whammy. That soon got them banned, and the search was soon on for something else.

Those efforts were soon to bear fruit with the discovery of SARMS, or short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These newcomers were fabulous because they promised all the nice things of steroids while keeping out the bad things.

Its all down to their mode of action which differ from that of steroids. Steroids are artificial testosterone that was designed to either bump up your own body’s natural supply of testosterone or correct for a deficiency if your body can’t keep up well with its normal testosterone production. This can happen as we age because our cells cease to produce the same testosterone amounts as in our younger years. We need testosterone to continue having masculine traits like manly vigor, libido, physical strength, and even mental concentration.

The issue with steroids is that they aim their action on the entire body, including blood vessels, the liver, etc., where we don’t want those masculine traits to be enacted. The result is a wide range of side effects such as liver toxicity and gynecomastia.

Thankfully with SARMs, all this can be avoided because they only act on androgenic receptors in bone and muscle where we need masculine features like bigger muscle or stronger bones or reduced-fat.

So without further ado, I am going to present here my top 3 picks of the best SARMs for cutting.

#1. Cardarine (GW 501516)

Technically, this isn’t a SARM, but it’s referred widely as a SARM anyway by most people and market vendors. That’s because it’s effects are almost the same as other SARMs although it’s the mode of action differs. Developed in the 1990s by the famed GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) pharmaceutical firm pairing up With Ligand Pharmaceuticals, it was intended to treat cardiovascular diseases and has been tested for colon, prostate, and breast cancer treatment.


Unlike the standard SARM which act on androgenic receptors, this compound is a PPAR gamma Receptor agonist and acts on PPAR receptors. (PPAR is short for Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptor) It triggers the action of a compound called AMPK that sets into motion a chain of reactions that have a fat loss effect. This makes the body use up energy even when it is resting. Importantly, the energy is extracted from fat reserves rather than your muscles. Even when you are on a caloric deficit, you will feel no energy deficiency because it is also a powerful energy booster.

Cardarine has shown dramatic results when tested on obese and pre-diabetic men. It can treat cardiovascular problems and metabolic disorders as well as boost levels of healthy cholesterol. It is also a powerful endurance enhancer. Tests done on mice showed it not only shredded fat but significantly boosted muscle gains.


Cardarine dosage for cutting is recommended to be 10 mg daily to be taken for 8 weeks. This can be increased to 20 mg per day but preferably after consulting a doctor. If you want to get even better-cutting effects, you can stack it with Andarine or  Ostarine, another great choice for cutting.

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#2. Stenabolic (SR 9009)

Often termed a SARM, this is yet another compound that is technically not a SARM but is a Rev-Erba agonist. Developed by Professor Thomas Burns, it’s excellent for cutting fat without adding muscle mass.

It has a strong impact on your body’s rate of metabolism as a result of the action of the rev-Erb gene. This action, which consists of increasing mitochondria in your cells, gives you energy boosts that burn fat stores, and ups your metabolism. The increase in metabolism means you oxidize more fat, including when the body is at rest.


Stenabolic produces no known side effects, and a PCT is typically not required. Taken singly (as not a part of a stack), a dose of between 20 mg and 30 mg per day is recommended. Its short half-life may need you to take it more than once per day. So split the dose into smaller parts spread out evenly over the day.

Some good stacking options include 20 mg of Cardarine along with breakfast time followed by 10 mg of Stenabolic taken with your pre-workout meal.

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#3.Ostarine (MK 2886)

This is another compound developed by Gtx to treat bone and muscle waste disorders. Ostarine has a powerful effect on increasing protein and nitrogen levels that are necessary for muscle buildup. As a highly selective SARM that confines its actions to bone and muscle receptors, it’s ideal for building and retaining muscle without water retention.

People on a cutting goal usually undergo a caloric deficit where calorie intake is less than calorie usage by the body. This may threaten to use up your muscle mass. However, taking  Ostarine along with a high protein diet can support metabolism and help keep your muscle gains. This also has the effect of making you lose fat, making Ostarine a good fat burner.

Ostarine is quite versatile, as it gives you wholesome gains both as a muscle gain booster and fat burner, so it is not ideal for those solely seeking to cut. Another great thing about Ostarine is that all the benefits it gives you, whether muscle gain or cuts in fat, tend to stick with you long after you end your cycle.


The ideal dosage should be 12 to 20 mg each day taken over a 4 to 6 week period. Since its half-life is 24 hours, a single intake is enough each day. Women are advised to take 10 mg per day. It is mildly suppressive, so one is advised to follow up with a mini PCT.

Cutting Stacks

Of course, don’t forget that you also have great options of combining these SARMs in stacks, if you want even more stunning and rapid results. These options range from that ideal for starters and other ones that suit veterans. A mild stack like Ostarine combined with Cardarine can get beginners a pretty good start in cutting. A daily stack like Andarine (50 mg), Stenabolic (20 mg) and Ostarine (20 mg) taken for 8 weeks is a very aggressive choice that is perfect for veterans looking to cut.

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Looking for a surefire way of killing fat and bringing your weight back in control? I have made your work easy by giving you these 3 best SARMs for cutting. With these 3 choices, you have great options that can get you stunning results without running into the kind of side effects you get with steroids. Keep in mind that no combination of SARMS, no matter how smartly chosen, can get you results on their own. They must go together with an equally smartly chosen diet and exercise regime.

Fortunately, SARMs also gives you lots of strength and stamina, which makes your exercise easier to do.  Regardless of the SARMs, you pick out of my list, combine it with a good diet, and you are on your way to achieving great results.

Also, ensure you source your SARMs from a reputable vendor since there are a lot of fake SARMs doing the rounds in the marketplace. With such products, don’t be surprised when you find yourself failing to get the results you thought you should be getting. That could well mean that your product may be underdosed, laced with harmful contents, or is lacking in any SARMs. Check if your vendor has third party testing to verify contents for purity and clarity.