Bathmate Review 2020: Benefits & Side Effects

Bathmate Review 2020: Benefits & Side Effects

An overview Bathmate

Whether looking to improve your sexual performance or wishing to alleviate a medical condition, the Bathmate range boasts numerous models that differ in terms of width, strength, and length; and this UK-manufactured, safe, high-quality and very durable range of penis pumps boast that it can increase your penis size by up to 30%. These penis pumps can also help you obtain a stronger and much harder erection. They are generally designed to be utilized in the bath or shower, and the Bathmate pump uses water rather than air pressure to help with penile engorgement. The range is designed to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction – something that affects not just the man’s sexual health but also their psychological wellbeing.


Each of the Bathmate models has been made to suit a particular penis size. There are even some that cater to men who have an ultra-wide penis, or even perhaps a curved penis, making it difficult to use most other models of a penis pump.

Some of the main reasons for using a penis pump:

  • To enlarge the penis – for this purpose, you would choose one of the strongest pumps which are known as the Bathmate HydroXtreme series.
  • For sexual pleasure – here, you can use any of the pumps, as the vacuum required isn’t that strong and so many of the Bathmate pumps would work, depending on your size and how much money you want to spend.
  • For erectile dysfunction – if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, it’s best to opt for the HydoMax series.

The Bathmate pump you choose will depend on your budget too. The cheapest pump in the Bathmate range is the Hydro7. You can get 35% more vacuum if you choose the HydroMax7, but this costs a little more. Those wanting even more of a boost will want to opt for the HydroXtreme7, but that’s about three times the price of the Hydro7. Whichever product you choose, all the models can be purchased from Bathmate’s own website – they even throw in a 60-day full refund if you’re not happy with the pump.

How to use

It pays to start super slowly, as you don’t want to hurt yourself. Get used to the Bathmate penis pump before you have a full-on session. There is a “first-timer” schedule that you can follow. This takes you on a 4-week guided instruction before you move on to the intermediate Bathmate routine. It’s a bit like weight training – you don’t start out using the really heavy weights; you work up to those gradually.

The “first-timer” schedule requires you to use the penis pump every other day – don’t plunge in and use it every day at first! Make sure you always move your foreskin back over your glans once you’ve finished with the Bathmate penis pump. If you don’t do this, the blood in there won’t be able to flow back, while the remainder of your penis returns to its natural size.

Side effects

Although side effects are generally a rare occurrence when using penis pumps, it’s important to remember that men respond differently to penis pumping, so it pays to read the instructions carefully to make sure you’re using the pump correctly. It’s often the case that any side effects which are incurred are due to men overpumping with a vacuum that is simply too strong.

The main and more common side effect is known as fluid retention. But this is nothing to worry about! All it means is that the vacuum has caused increased blood flow for the tissue to expand, and so it draws in a little fluid.

It’s not dangerous or in any way harmful. This side effect goes completely after approximately 24 hours depending on the level of fluid retention.

However, to avoid undesirable fluid retention when using your Bathmate penis pump, it’s best to warm up properly. Warming up increases the blood and fluid circulation and enables the tissue to expand more than it would when cold.

There are a few ways to prevent any unwanted fluid retention when using your Bathmate penis pump. Instead of one long session of 15 minutes or so, change this to smaller ones of around 5 minutes in each case. In between each of these sessions, you do something that is known as “slow squash jelqing” (slow penis stretching exercises). To do this, you use the “OK sign” grip with one of your hands at the base of your member, then take the palm of your other hand and press on the very end of your penis to squeeze out a lot of pressure on the middle area. Moreover, this is another good method of extending your penis in the mid-shaft area.


This range of penis pumps can increase your penis size by up to 30%, but you should remember that results will differ depending on what you’re actually trying to achieve.

If you’re looking to enlarge your member, you should be aiming at a gain of approximately 30% in length and also girth after around six months of use. You can follow a specific routine to achieve this.

Those looking to help alleviate erectile dysfunction issues will find that a Bathmate penis pump is a really good way to obtain a sturdy erection. It may be that it’s the only route to take to achieve one.

When all is said done, everyone is different, and some men will, therefore, have a very different reaction to penis pumping than others. There are those who will experience an incredible gain in a really short time, whereas others might need to work at things a bit longer to get the results they desire.

The main thing is to make sure that you do stick to the schedule and you don’t give up. You will get there at some point, even if it takes a little while longer than expected. Don’t lose sight of the end game, and be realistic about the whole process.