Anavar: One steroid to rule them all

Anavar: One steroid to rule them all

The medical history of Anavar

Oxandrolone or brand name Anavar was created by G.D. Searle and Company in 1969 and was used for over 20 years in the medical community for the treatment of conditions such as dramatic weight loss based on terminal disease, osteoporosis, and overall muscle wasting. Anavar was a preferred steroid over the others in its category due to the mild nature as it is considered to be among the better tolerated and safest anabolic androgenic steroids around the world. In the athletic sphere, The compound is touted as a female-friendly alternative to other steroids with a claim that it is virtually free of any adverse side effects making it a very popular choice in the era of the internet.

The FDA, in the late 80s, came down on ‘Big Pharma’ on the widespread sale and consumption of anabolic steroids which effectively took a lot of the products off the market. After the shakeup, most of the products brought down were taken to the underground laboratories causing a drastic increase in price for Anavar as well as the production of counterfeit imitations. For this reason, a lot of athletes and bodybuilders tend to steer clear of the drug. Gaining access to an almost 100% pure Anavar will result in a price of, at minimum, 200% more than the cost of a simple Test-Cyp or Test-E.

Obtaining the actual pharma-grade Anavar has become almost impossible with a lot of labs offering products that are either under dosed or provide trace elements of other androgenic compounds. Regardless of the price or the notion that the products are scams, many people in the sports and bodybuilding arena still opt for Anavar as their steroid of choice.


Anavar is boasted as giving good results if there is no desire to bulk up and if the body fat is already low.

Pumps. Anavar is touted as giving pumps with no pain where other orals make pumps painful. This gives the user the ability to produce muscles that are hard and full of the pumps lasting throughout the full day. For many, this goes on the post cycle for some weeks.

Vascular. As soon as the second week of use with Anavar, veins are going to be the most notable effect with it taking until around week 6 when the results really begin to show. It is claimed that Anavar’s vascularity is amazing where when combined with a wholesome diet and lifting heavy, it can bring a massive physique.

Gains. Gains in mass are going to be moderate; however, a heavy eating regimen is going to make it possible to see good dry muscle gains without the bloat. Women are drawn to Anavar due to it being free from aromatization as well as the fact that it will provide them with the gains they want with little to no adverse side effects.

Loss of fat. Anavar is a powerful androgen allowing for heightened metabolism which will, in turn, promote quick loss of fat. This along with the other benefits makes for a lean, shredded appearance.

Strength. Anavar is touted as being among the top for gains in strength within a short period of time.

Side Effects

Anavar is noted as producing little to no adverse side effects as it is said to be mild; however, is a powerful androgen, it is going to stress the liver and the levels for lipids. All anabolic steroids have the potential for producing adverse side effects. It is all dependent on your level of understanding with the compound and the methods that are taken to keep those side effects at a minimum.

Liver. Any oral steroid regardless of the strength will travel through the liver causing stress to the organ. By using a liver supplement and following the cycle with regular PCT, will decrease the likelihood of hepatotoxicity with recovery only taking a few weeks after the cycling.

Testosterone suppression. As mild as this steroid is, testosterone suppression with its use is great with varying degrees based on the type of dosage that you’re taking and how you respond to the drug. Again, PCT is necessary in order to assist the body in recovery.

Cholesterol. Lipid levels will take a hard hit with the compound meaning that a wholesome diet is imperative during the cycling phase and beyond as well as having regular monitoring by a healthcare provider.


On average a cycle of oral Anavar is dosed at between 50 and 80mg each week for a duration of six weeks. Those who are just beginning with steroids should stick with the lower dosage during the six-week period. Those who want massive results and are already bigger than what would be average should choose the 80mg dose during the six weeks. For women, a standard dose would be at 10mg with the option to bump up to 25mg dependent on what their goals may be with bodybuilding. The compound should be taken with food as a means to help it absorb and in an effort to avoid any type of stomach upset. Research indicates that taking the drug with grapefruit will aid in bioavailability and stops the drug from metabolizing within the intestines.

Following the cycle, PCT or post cycle therapy using Nolvadex and Clomid will be required as with any type of steroid regardless of the strength and will run immediately after the final dose for up to six weeks. PCT is used to allow the body to recover and go back to its normal function. There should also be the addition of a Milk Thistle supplement to give added support to the liver due to the added stress being placed on the organ. This is to be taken prior to the cycle, while cycling, and post cycle.


Despite the fact that Anavar is a mild oral compound, you should always consult with your healthcare provider of the intention to begin a cycle. This will allow the doctor to monitor your health while you are taking the drug and immediately following its use.